Three months later I’m finally writing about Las Vegas.  I forgot about almost everything until I read Princess Lyne’s blog to jog my memory.  I keep getting scolded by you little assholes so how about some some twitter praise, huh?  Took me all night.  A concerned slave had this to say the other day,  “I don’t know why you don’t think you have to update your blog Goddess, but you do!” and another said “S[[ometimes I think you are the smartest person alive and other times I wonder if you even try to do your job.”   Hahahaha, oh youuuu! ]{#yui_3_13_0_ym1_1_1395779595759_22223}]{#yui_3_13_0_ym1_1_1395779595759_22224 style=“color: #0;”}

[[ I must admit, I am a fan of tough love.  It’s hard to get myself to do things, even for my own benefit.  I would say it’s because I’m super spoiled but it’s not just that, it’s because I am addicted to vacations and any time leftover from that is filled with custom clip requests and when I try to shoot my custom clips I get distracted with cam sessions and online shopping sprees.  I need at least 3 more of me, there is simply not enough of me to go around.]{#yui_3_13_0_ym1_1_1395779595759_22223}]{#yui_3_13_0_ym1_1_1395779595759_22224 style=“color: #0;”}

Anyway, I’ve been “in the scene” for two years as of next month so it was about time I showed up and met my Domme sisters.  MY GOD, if only I had done it sooner!  January 15th I headed out for a week in dirty ass Vegas and what an astoundingly charismatic, spunky group of drop dead gorgeous, super-model-tall women they were.  Meeting them in real life is just as you all imagine.  I’m telling you, pictures don’t do them justice.  Even before I got to the Honolulu airport I was group texting with Mistress B, Lindsey LeighBratty Nikki and Princess Lyne.

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When I touched down in Vegas I had arrived at the same exact time as Miss B and her husband Derek. We were all anxious to get our shit unpacked so we jumped in cabs and headed to our hotel, Paris.  Let’s talk about my hotel, it was so huge.  I got lost in it the first night and had to sit on the ground to dig my hotel key out of my purse and think about where I was.  Another night I forgot my room number (71-2236 or something) and had to go out for the night in a slutty clip dress, which made us even LATER for the Kinkbomb dinner.  I forgot my flat iron so I had to get my hair done at the salon every day, $200 per day.  My hair was covered by my slaves who purchased SpaFinder gift cards for me.  Good boys!

Anyway, so we snagged our rooms and then regrouped for dinner at a fabulous French restaurant, which her slave nub paid for.  I enjoyed a perfectly cooked skate wing, which I had been dying for for months!  After dinner we headed over to MGM to meet Nikki and Lyne for drinks before walking into Beacher’s Madhouse for a little person show.  It was probably the only night I saw people shorter than me.

Kinkbomb paid my way out to Vegas.  I was one of the top 5 earners in December and won a trip out for the AEE parties.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Kinkbomb staff and going out to Hyde Bellagio with them for an evening.  They hosted a fabulous dinner, which I was regretfully very, very late to due to fucking nub in the ass but we’ll get to that later.  What a great group of fun people though, they made sure everyone was enjoying themselves and we had some great group photos snapped!  Check out my KB studio for goodies!

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[caption id=“attachment_2562” align=“aligncenter” width=“419”]BeSLCcJCQAA3qCE{.wp-image-2562 width=“419” height=“279”} Look at Lyne’s hair! Sweet jesus…[/caption]

Most days I was able to squeeze in time with the delightfully cruel Mistress B and her awesome husband Derek.  I missed her dearly, what a feisty fire cracker she is!  Truly diabolical, she is always scheming and planning, full of creative ideas and I can’t help but feed off of her energy!  Her slave, who she so appropriately nicknamed “nub” had the pleasure and honor of accompanying her to be her full time servant and film slave.  Nub did a great job, that submissive little tool.  He was at her beck and call 24/7 and I delighted in watching him sprint off to fetch her cocktails whenever she barked at him.

[caption id=“attachment_2553” align=“aligncenter” width=“346”]BeJ7XomCcAE6I57{.wp-image-2553 width=“346” height=“614”} They are sharing a hearty laugh over the unfortunate size of nub’s nub[/caption]

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I am not a big fan of filming, I am especially not great at “winging it” so I didn’t partake in much filming with any other Dommes.  I was more interested in the fun.  I did, however, spend a lot of time hanging out in Mistress B’s suite and watching the fun happen, participating a little here and there despite my giant hang over.  She was a MACHINE, waking up early to film and going all day long.   She filmed 40 clips with 8 different top dommes, I was thoroughly impressed. Nub was a virgin in his mid 20’s.  Miss B decided it was time for him to lose it, anally that is.  She had plans to have Mina Thorne deflower him with her strap on and I was delighted to stop by and watch.  If you’ve never watched a clip of Mina’s I suggest you indulge yourself.  Not only does she have an impressive vocabulary, always managing to say all the right things right on the spot, she can maneuver her perfect body around the camera, showing off the most magnificent angles with ease. As nub cowered on all fours and Mina loomed over him, cock strapped on nice and tight, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealous curiosity.  My god that looked like it could be fun!  I had never even worn a strap on before.  Suddenly she paused and asked if anyone else wanted to join her.  I couldn’t help myself, I strapped up and took nubs virginity myself!  We all had so much fun violating him, Miss B whispered the most sensually vindictive things into nubs ear as we spit roasted him and then she showed him how to suck a cock like a pro.  Poor nub will never be the same, but at least he’s not a virgin anymore.  I think he’s more enamored with his Mistress than he ever imagined possible, who could blame him?

[caption id=“attachment_2632” align=“aligncenter” width=“576”]135800.preview{.wp-image-2632 width=“576” height=“324”} Click to Purchase![/caption]

I met the very dark and sexy Diabolical Domina when she came to shoot with Mistress B  (who DIDN’t she shoot with?).  I was really looking forward to meeting her!  She’s been topping charts left and right with her creative Team Viewer and blackmail clips.  She has such an eye for detail and I admire her style.  Can you imagine what would happen if we paired up and made some blackmail clips together?

[caption id=“attachment_2564” align=“aligncenter” width=“480”]BeUGjicCMAAxEr5{.wp-image-2564 width=“480” height=“640”} Just look at how hot they are in their latex![/caption]

I stopped by Bratty Nikki and Princess Lyne’s suite to shoot some clips.  How crazy alike do Lyne and I look?  Almost like sisters as many of you pointed out.  She was so much fun, I LOVE her!  Next time we get together we’ll shoot some sister clips for sure.  That woman has a spectacular body, she looks like a Barbie Doll and was dressed to the nines every nigh, hair and makeup looking fabulous.  She’s a super star!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.44.14 PM{.aligncenter .wp-image-2589 width=“590” height=“418”}

At some point I met up with OG’s Ceara Lynch and Princess Monique to shoot for Team Tease.  They had a documentary crew with them shooting for something, I forget what.  Ceara and I had quite a few slaves that like to frequent our stores and session with us so we filmed some custom clips that they ordered.  Ceara and Monique were both so down to earth and laid back, clips were a breeze and it seemed like I was in and out in a flash.  Their trusty foot bitch Nate was with them to cater to them and serve as their clip slave.

When I arrived to their suite I was all fired up from fucking nub right in his virgin ass the day before and I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn I had my very own ball busting slave to abuse!  I don’t what this mans balls were made of, certainly not flesh like a normal human being.  They must have been some form of diamond or an indestructible, alien substance not yet known to man.  I was dropkicking him in the nuts as if they were a soccer ball.  My boot to his testicles, full force and he was taking it like a champ.  I was LIFTING HIM OFF THE GROUND PEOPLE, and he was just enduring my abuse with nothing but utter adoration in his eyes.  When I told him to drop his pants and display his swollen nuts to me, his dick was drooling.  HOW?

[caption id=“attachment_2643” align=“aligncenter” width=“576”]ballbust{.size-full .wp-image-2643 width=“576” height=“324”} Click to purchase![/caption]

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As it was my first time in Vegas I was totally down to party EVERY night I was there.  Bratty Nikki  took me out for my first night, you know it’s a good night when you flash your panties and end up taking your heels off in the limo home.

DSC00416{.wp-image-2606 .aligncenter width=“566” height=“424”}

Nikki was the designated party planner, she knew all the hottest clubs and after all that champagne we consumed, was still able to lead everyone one all around Vegas from place to place, turning heads all the way!  How does she do that?  I don’t think I saw a single picture of her where she didn’t look like an exotic celebrity.  I’ve never seen anyone ooze fabulosity (NOW it’s a word) quite like she does!  Definitely check out her vegas blog ( 

We first stopped by Light @ Mandalay Bay, VIP table of course.  It was still early but I was all excited, I think I was the only one dancing but I didn’t care.  I’m a little hippie like that. [video width=“1280” height=“720” mp4=“”][/video] Next thing you know we were heading over to a suite at the Hard Rock for an after party, this photo of Ron Jeremy ended up on my phone.

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After the first night.  I learned quickly to pile on the eyeliner, those cameras flashing constantly will wash the makeup right off your face and there was always a photographer looming around.  I hung with the crew almost every night.  My god, do they know how to party!  We went to the hottest clubs and had the best tables, bottle popping all night just like Princesses should.  They did a spectacular job of capturing the night, instagramming, snapping pics, tweeting and filming vines for all the fans to see.  Check out their pages to see more pics!

[gallery columns=“2” link=“file” ids=“2624,2605,2609,2596,2588,2584,2581,2578,2576,2572,2573,2575,2569,2568,2567,2566,2565,2555,2559,2677” orderby=“rand”]

Friday night I left the Kinkbomb party at Hyde with Princess Lyne, Mistress B and hub and nub and grabbed some awesome sushi at around midnight.  Lyne and I left to meet up with Lindsey Leigh, who flew into Vegas a few days in.  Once she showed up we were party buddies.  Miss B described her best (in her own awesome and very well written blog about Vegas), “She’s a spitfire whirlwind of enthusiastic energy and the only person I’ve ever met who is EXACTLY the same on camera as she is off camera.” What a fun girl, super spontaneous just like me, I can’t help but plan a vacation with her every time we text.  #YoureAwesome #SoulSista #LetsGetNaked #MyFriendsAreSoHot #FuckDave

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The three of us headed over to Haze @ Aria.  We had an awesome VIP table overlooking the dance floor, super sexy go go dancers on either side that were totally decked out Lady Ga Ga style. Bratty Nikki met up with us with her crew of hotties and we all had a great time drinking way too much champagne and cocktails.  Princess Lyne and I were trying to be responsible young women by drinking water, we decided to be hydration buddies and to remind each other to drink water whenever we thought of it.  Who knew the water was spiked with molly?  Not me, even though I was told apparently.  Do I ever listen?  No, no I do not.  Can’t seem to find Molly?  Bitch please, Molly finds ME!

So naturally, the next thing you know we’re eagerly agreeing to go to this strip club called Rhino’s.  Nikki peace’d out like the classy babe she is while we all got drunkey pants with boobs all in our face.  This was my very first time to a strip club and I spent more time making fun of the guy sitting next to me than I did paying attention to the hottie in my lap.  I have a short attention span and a mean spirit.   I think I must have gotten like three dances?  After Rhino’s Lyne, Lindsey and I went to Drai’s for more dancing and drinks.  We were hardly even at our table that night, in fact I’m not even sure what we were doing there.  That night was a blur but I know it ended with me eating a sandwich in my bath tub at 7am, texting Lyne because I thought Lindsey got kidnapped.

Saturday was our last night and I headed to a delectable French restaurant at Paris hotel with Mistress B hub and nub and Mistress Morgan.  We shared the most delicious puff pastry wrapped warm brie, crusty French bread, roasted potatoes, grilled scallops, bacon-wrapped beef, haricot verts and some other things I don’t remember at this point.  Good thing I was able to copy and paste that from Miss B’s blog, right?  We all reminisced about our Vegas vacation, confessed that we didn’t want it to end and listened to nub tell everyone how grateful he was to spend a week with the hottest Dommes on the planet.  He even bashfully admitted that he I’m his favorite after Miss B, since I’m “always really mean but also really cool.”  Awww shucks.  It’s true, I did constantly scream at him in hotel lobbies to open the door for all of us.  Five times at least but it must be heard to run all the way up to the front of the group to open doors for everyone when you’ve been walking behind them all with your eyes cast downward in submission, waiting to speak until spoken to.

After dinner we went to 1Oak to meet everyone for the big hosted party. I was able to meet the staff, absolutely spectacular people.  Attendees included Miss B and her husband, Lindsey Leigh ,Bratty Nikki, Mistress Morgan, Kelly Sunshine, and more.  I was floating around like a butterfly with my champagne, blabbering away here and there when I looked over and saw the hottest little go go dancer busting moves on a stripper pole like you wouldn’t believe!  The feistiest little dancer I ever saw when all of a sudden it dawned on me that it was MISTRESS B!  My god, where did you learn that?

club{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2650 width=“435” height=“580”}

We jumped into a limo and headed over to Light at Mandalay Bay… and this is where Lyne’s blog stops and so there goes my memory.  Who knows what happened at Light?  I dunno.  I just know I ended up staying out with Lindsey Leigh until 9 am, then jumped in a cab, snagged my luggage and booked it to the airport to fly home.

[caption id=“attachment_2666” align=“aligncenter” width=“435”]Lurker paid for my luggage as usual, but he doesn't have to do that anymore now that I'm Pualani gold status with Hawaiian Air!{.size-large .wp-image-2666 width=“435” height=“719”} Lurker paid for my luggage as usual, but he doesn’t have to do that anymore now that I’m Pualani gold status with Hawaiian Air![/caption]

I lost 10 lbs in Vegas, thank GOD it’s only once a year because it took me three months to recover.  Not to mention everyone caught some freak strain of the flu while there and at least 10 of us were sick as hell.  Overall, it was awesome and you’re lucky I made it out alive.

You’re welcome

[caption id=“attachment_2667” align=“aligncenter” width=“435”]#ThisIsHowItsDone #GoodPiggy{.size-large .wp-image-2667 width=“435” height=“456”} #ThisIsHowItsDone #GoodPiggy[/caption]