Valentines Day

It’s been a while since I blogged.  Soooo, Vday, huh?  How bout that.  Another year spent alone with your hand, or trying to get it up for your chubby, hideous wife who’s let herself go just to spite you.   Valentines day always reminds me of the time I broke up with my boyfriend on Valentines day.  I remember he was such a fucking whiner, such a hopeless romantic, it was so annoying.  He told me once that his ex gf broke up with him the day before V-day and how much it hurt him.  I partially think he made it up just for sympathy, as was his nature.   When I decided I was done with him, I waited an extra week to tell him it was over.  I did it just so that day could be VALENTINES DAY!  Ahahahaha!  I so enjoyed that moment, as did all my girlfriends who I gleefully told right afterwards.  I’m sure he reflected on that event today as well and I’m absolutely sure that he whined about it to his current girlfriend OR friends.

I am pretty unhappy with all of you, cucks especially.  The valentine items on my wishlist were left untouched, save for the 5 pound gummy bear that bitchtits purchased for my husband, which arrived just in time.  Although, in your defense, I haven’t been around as much as usual lately, and you retards need constant encouragement and coddling.  Despite this major, major failure, I have taken it upon myself to reward my LOYAL and CONSISTENT slaves.  Obedience and loyalty always pays off, always.  I sent out several packages today and in each one, I dropped  a little surprise.

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My husband and I are celebrating V-day tomorrow instead of today.  I’m not sure where he’s taking me as it’s a surprise, but one of you will be footing the bill, I’ll be sure to tweet it.  The curious little cuckold who buys dinner will get a hot little peek at my V-day lingerie!  How exciting ;)  That will make just TWO people who get to see me that night, one of them get’s to fuck me, one gets to cry himself to sleep.  Fun stuff!

My Little Cuckold Valentine!