Update Part One

Part One

Sept 18^th^- Rhode Island with Mistress B

October 15thish- Oahu (Hawaii) with Lindsey Leigh

October 23^rd^- San Francisco with Demi, meeting up with Princess Chloe for coffee.

This portion of my blog has been made available because it’s more of  a public announcement.  I sometimes benefit from my fans and worshippers getting an update too.

As you know I am leaving itty bitty Hawaii to go to teensy weensy Rhode Island to visit Mistress B (https://twitter.com/TheMistressB).  I arrive on the 18^th^ of September so check your skype for updates and prepare your wallets for a good fucking!  What a intoxicating, intimidating blend of sweet and strict we will be, can you imagine?  On a more shallow level, I am loving how we will look in clips together.  Her vibrant, red hair vs. my silvery blonde hair.  My bronze, tan skin vs. her creamy, dreamy porcelain skin.  I love the contrast and clip sluts love variety!  I know you’re all just vibrating with anticipation, just dying to find out what kind of creative hybrid clips we will create.  Forgive me for working you up and bringing your pitiful lipstick dick to life, but we’ve already started scheming.  Eager beavers can prepay for a session or submit a paid clip request to us.  Contact either of us, doesn’t matter.

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Now, as you can see from my little schedule above, I’ve got some other meet-ups planned.  Let’s just focus on one thing at a time here, it’s too soon to plan so keep it in your pocket.  I just want you to know it’s coming.  Follow my twitter closely, you should all have the app on your phone and it doesn’t do you any good to lurk without an account.  You never know when the stars will align and you urgently need to contact me.

My San Fran trip is set in stone, I’ve already started planning a couple shopping sessions with you boys.  Attention bay area subs: I’ll be staying in the financial district!  Contact me if you want to meet.  I’ll be busy and I’m not going to be entertaining anything too crazy, but if you want to stop by and pay for our lunch, go shopping, stop by an ATM for a drain, lay money at my feet and promptly fuck off…. Okay.