Today Jake Fucked Up

Jake was supposed to pay me $100 by mail on friday. Sunday night rolls around and I find out he didn’t pay it, conversation as follows:

jake080809:You said you wanted cash via mail…

jake080809:With a card.

goddessjessica:did u send it via mail?

goddessjessica:did you tell me when you did it?

jake080809:It’s the weekend. I’m not sending it without tracking and insured.

jake080809:I can send it via p**** now or via mail with tracking and insured tomorrow.

goddessjessica:you’re late

goddessjessica:you knew when you were supposed to send it

goddessjessica:you didn’t

goddessjessica:it doesn’t need tracking OR insurance, grammas send their peeps cash in card every single day.  Now you’re late and you owe the late fee on top of it.

jake080809:I’m not sending $100 cash without tracking and insurance. (continued…)

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Well now students, would anyone like to explain to Jake all the different ways in which he fucked up today?  Because I’m sick of explaining it to him…

List in the comment section below