So first of all you know by now that I won the kinbomb contest which granted me an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas.  I wasn’t too keen on leaving my warm, cozy, glorious little island for Las Vegas but I know it’s time for me to show face and meet everyone.  I will freeze my ass off but it will worth it to do some partying and to shoot clips with the best Dommes in the business and if it’s all paid for there is really no excuse.  I tried to think of some too.

I’ll be in sin city from the 15th to the 19th, if you want to meet me in Vegas to shoot some clips, or for a real time session or shopping or just to be my personal assistant I suggest you contact me asap and get the ball rolling.  Anyone wanting custom clips should know that I am shooting with Princess Lyne, Mistress BCeara Lynch and Mina Thorne so far.

Questions?  Email me.

Dear Slaves,

I cannot stress how important it is for you to use the same name/avatar for your email, your twitter and your skype.  If you pop up as lilDickRetard on YIM, rodjohnson1123 on twitter and slaveofwomen4everhellzyeah on skype, I’m going to get very confused as to who you are.  Think of how many slaves I have, think of me trying to memorize 3 different screen names per slave.  My long term slaves I’ve got it down but if you’re new it’s impossible.  I refuse to memorize more than one screen name per slave but if you absolutely cannot do it for some reason, at LEAST use the same avatar for each one.  It makes it so so so incredibly easy to identify you immediately if every time you pop up I see your signature avatar.  If your avatar is a photo of your ass with a neon blue plastic baseball bat poking out I will never forget you.  I will instantly be like “HEY, that’s the guy who bought me a dress last week just because! Bless his little loser heart, I will not start off our conversation as a total bitch because I mistakenly think he’s some stupid wanker.”

This eliminates a needles 5 min conversation of me trying to figure out who you are and if I like you or not.  If I don’t know who you are I immediately think you’re a time wasting idiot and you’ve got about 30 seconds to convince me not to block you, sometimes 15 seconds as most of you already know.  I WANT to chat with you and lure you even deeper into life long slavery.  Don’t you dare ask me, “Goddess can you give me a task? What do? What do?” when you haven’t completed this simple task that costs you zero dollars.

Check this out for example:

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.16.35 PM{.aligncenter .size-full .wp-image-2333 width=“259” height=“246”}

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.16.40 PM{.aligncenter .size-full .wp-image-2334 width=“313” height=“44”}

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.17.09 PM{.aligncenter .size-full .wp-image-2335 width=“649” height=“120”}Wowww, look at that!  I know exactly who I’m talking to no matter which way she chooses to communicate with me.  Now it’s your turn.  I understand yahoo is a glitchy piece of shit and your avatar might not show up, try anyway.  You can also google how to make an alias to change your yahoo name quickly.

*Slaves looking for extra tasks for brownie points may contact me via email to either a) promote me on twitter or b) become the pirate clip police*

French Polynesia!

As you know my husband and I took off to FP for Christmas this year.  You guys will be dragging your asses across the country to waste time with relatives you don’t care about, exchanging junk no one needs and enduring spoiled children who are all hyped up on sugar and new toys. Or you will be completely alone.  Either way, feel free to catch ME online at night via YIM or Skype for a cam session this week.  By day I will be dancing and drinking and dining and snorkeling and hiking and lounging at the pool and getting buzzed at the swim up bar and jet skiing, but by night I will be draining you fools like there is no tomorrow and in the comfort of my tropical little bungalow!  What have you gotten me for Christmas this year by the way?  Off the top of my head John4Jess emailed my fave patisserie and had them mail a gift certificate to my PO box, eric got me a $200 dress off my wishlist that I wanted for vegas and one of my clip fanatics just spent 1k in clips; so Merry Christmas to me!  Get your shit together and spoil ME for the holidays, fuck your family, I am a Goddess!


Since posting this blog several of you were concerned about my flight and wanted to make sure it was comfortable for me.  Yes, my flight was fantastic.  I flew Hawaiian air, as always.  It was almost fully paid for by tributed Hawaiian air gift cards, as always.  The plane was freezing cold, as always, but I was prepared with my thick black leggings and cozy christmas sweater!

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.08.53 AM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2373 width=“177” height=“300”}

We were given complimentary pillows and blankets on the plane and since our whole row and the whole row in front of use was empty, I took three blankets.  I wrapped one around my feet, one around my legs and one around my body.  I laid out on the empty seats and slept in my husbands lap and I was as cozy and warm as a bug in a rug!   Since it was a pretty low key flight the flight attendant gave us both two little bottles of rum with pineapple juice on the house.  I loveeee Hawaiian Air!  Oh and did I mention the complimentary meal and Mai Tai?  Yeah.

My only complaint is the unavoidable screeching banshee babies.  If it were up to me people who bring children under the age of 4 on planes should have to sit in a room in the very back of the plane that is completely separate.  They can all marinate in the stench of vomit and liquid shit and listen to the never ending, ear piercing wails of unconsolable demons.  The general public shouldn’t have to endure that, it’s bullshit.

…and that’s how I feel about babies everyone! :)


So we arrived in Tahiti last night, stayed at a hotel near the airport and jumped on a ferry to Moorea this morning.  It’s absolutely gorgeous here!  It’s so lush and green, it seems like every tree/shrub I see bears fruit.  Banana, coconut, papaya, lilikoi, noni, pineapple, soursap and more.  I hope to eventually settle down somewhere tropical.  I love being able to walk around in just a bikini like some kind of sun worshiper, sampling ripe fruits fresh from the trees whos flesh tastes like nectar from the gods.  I love listening to palm trees rustle in the breeze and being able to detect the sound of waves crashing in the distance wherever I go.  I love being surprised by the brilliant blue water every single time I stand in front of the ocean.

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Everyone here speaks french but knows a little bit of english.  Thank god I took french in high school and can read most everything on signs/menus.  I didn’t realize we would have to get a power converter so I’ve only been able to access my phone/computer as of today.

Our hotel is gorgeous.  It’s the most eco friendly place we’ve ever stayed at. The linens are air dried and it’s even the world’s first hotel to run its air conditioning system with water extracted from the depths of the sea and then returned right back to the source as pure as it came in.  We have dolphins right outside our room!  So cool. We can walk right out the door and jump into the ocean to swim with rays, sharks and tropical fish.

How wonderful of me to share this with lowly slaves!  You know that the middle-aged, married man who walks past me and checks me out behind his sunglasses aches inside just wishing he could spend 1o minutes in my husbands place.  If only he could be young again. If he could drop his haggard wife, his meaningless life and be care free and beautiful enough to get a woman like me!  If only he knew about this blog so he could worship my pictures and get a little taste of my life.  You boys are so lucky.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.40.42 PM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2346 width=“300” height=“177”} Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 12.07.42 AM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2355 width=“300” height=“224”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 6.01.57 PM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2349 width=“300” height=“212”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 6.01.50 PM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2348 width=“300” height=“217”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 6.01.19 PM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2347 width=“300” height=“223”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.16.50 PM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2345 width=“223” height=“300”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 2.36.07 PM{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2343 width=“216” height=“300”} OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2342 width=“225” height=“300”} 20131222_182012{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2338 width=“300” height=“168”} 20131222_110345{.aligncenter .size-medium .wp-image-2337 width=“168” height=“300”} 20131222_105556{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2336 width=“435” height=“244”}

My cuckolds have been dribbling all over the place just thinking of me snuggled up in my crisp white bed with my husband.  You all want so badly to be good boys and I’ll start posting receipts tomorrow.  Who’s going to pick up the tab for a romantic sunset dinner?  Who’s going to pay for all those tropical drinks at the wet bar?  Who’s going to send a fat tribute to cover a nice little excursion?  YOU are because you know we deserve spoiling!  I rarely vacation with my husband since he’s always working so this is really a treat for all of us and that means pay, pay, pay!

I will be taking a few cuckold ignore clips while here and maybe a couple fetish related clips. If you have a request get it in quick, keep in mind I brought an underwater camera.  I also think I’ll do a window silhouette photo set, as I like how these turned out.  Just look at those muscular legs, they could crush you!

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.27.50 PM{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2357 width=“435” height=“567”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.28.14 PM{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2358 width=“435” height=“613”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.29.07 PM{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2359 width=“411” height=“647”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.51.55 PM{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2360 width=“435” height=“623”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.52.05 PM{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2361 width=“426” height=“670”} Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.52.11 PM{.aligncenter .size-large .wp-image-2362 width=“435” height=“652”}

Check my twitter for updates and keep checking in with me.  Remember, good boys who contribute to my vacation get exclusive pics.  If there is only a few of you who make the effort I will make a special password for my vacation blog accessible ONLY by those who have sacrificed, just like I did for Maui/Kauai.  I have had several sessions tonight and have gotten lots of tributes tonight and it’s only midnight!  I vacation like a boss and don’t you forget it.

This is the part where you drop to your knees and say “YES ,Goddess!”