Slave Progress

I thought I would mention a few of you that have been doing well this week…

spanese is relatively new, but he’s been going out of his way to tribute me well and often.  Sending random gifts cards all the time and buying up all of my videos (hypnosis mainly, he’s the one that was moved to tears), obeying my wishes without hesitation.  He seems to have a lot of potential, we’ll see.

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band slave has been stepping it up.  He has been tributing more often and more consistently.  Sometimes I’ll randomly tell him to send one and he always obliges.  I’m usually pretty mild with him, he’s such a softie, but just to flex my power the other night, I had him eat his own pubes.  Yum!

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web slave comes around to fix or update my website whenever I need him.  He is the only slave that can get away with not tributing, but he still does tribute when we speak… in pathetic amounts that I find pretty amusing.   Last night he sent a $5 GC hahahaah.  I couldn’t believe it, and I said so.  So then he sent a $7.50 GC, thinking that would be an improvement. Ohhh mannn!  “What’s next, $12.83?”  Yes, that’s what was next…  Ahhhhh, you kill me,  you’re lucky you maintain my website and that I’m too busy to find a different ws.  haha

ginger slave has been a very obedient boy since he came to me.  He’s been making me gifs, he made my clips4sale studio for me, and does any other computer related work I want done and cleans out my wishlist.  We’ve been playing mancala a lot.  If I win, he owes me a tribute, if I lose, I send him an exclusive photo set.  I was always winning at first, but then I finally started losing because he spent all day practicing while I was busy doing Goddess stuff!  He was smart though, and bought me a gift anyway, that smug little bastard.  I was so irritated last night that I made him commit, either chastity or collar.  Today he bought a CB600, which pleased me immensely.

mike, my little foot lover is also a newb.  He has been obsessing over my feet and my power constantly since the day he discovered me.  He’s been buying up my foot vids, tributing and purchasing heels for me like a good little foot boy.

zaapaas has been coming around for more frequent milkings.  We go at it for an entire day, he sends tribute after tribute after tribute…  me egging him on the whole time.  Let me just tell you, at the end of our sessions we are both left exhausted and satisfied.  The urge to be milked builds up, you know, I had to relieve all that pressure.  Just like a dairy cow.  Check out these clipvia tributes, all from just one day.

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john4jess has been checking in frequently to worship me, tributing accordingly, purchasing custom videos and sending extra to make up for a payment that came to me later than I wanted it to.  I’ve been making him stay in on the weekend like a hermit… don’t be going out spending MY money.

chubbycakes has been absolutely useless the past two months, as he’s been switching jobs.  He’s been receiving no attention, but I thought it was funny that he is getting so desperate that he has been begging to go back into chastity for me (a month or so wasn’t enough for you last time?) and is even willing to suck cocks for me now!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 10.00.37 PM{.aligncenter .size-full .wp-image-2476 width=“737” height=“207”}New sandals from retardoz!

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Two new videos will be out tomorrow. Check my twitter and KB!

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