Slave Progress & Pics

I was at the beach all day.  The water is such a vibrant blue-green that I can’t believe it’s real.  It’s absolutely gorgeous here.  We stopped by a fruit stand on our way and got a fresh coconut to drink and a couple passion fruits, along with some unidentified green fruit that had the texture of an avocado but tasted like a very sweet pear.

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I was so excited to use my underwater camera, but I realized I never bought an SD card for it, ugh!  On the wishlist it goes.  Such a shame too because there were all sorts of cool sea creatures swimming around the reef.  The most beautiful being ME of course!  We had a fabulous lunch and delicious cocktails, I’ll post the check on twitter tomorrow.

We stopped by the post office on the way home and picked up a bunch of amazon gifts.  Lot’s of stuff, floaty handle for the underwater camera, natural tea tree oil toothpaste, awesome headphones, etc.  I LOVE these new sandals that john4jess got for me! They are so comfortable and so cute.  Then there is the dress of my dreamssss that ginger slave got for me, It is so amazing but it’s too big, they didn’t have my size.  I’m going to get it tailored to fit though, I NEEDED to have it!  Pics to follow.

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I’ve only been back on kinkbomb for FOUR days and I’m already back on the top 25 list.  I’m so impressive.

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And now for you slavie slaves!  Gosh, I bet you’ve all been wondering what kind of torture I’ve been subjecting each of you to…

A session right before I left:  I had him slather bengay all over his dick and fuck his bed, swing a pot between his legs that was attached to his nipples, dress up like a chick and wear a collar, jumper cables to the nipples and his little pink pal, and some other gross stuff.



I’ve got two new collared slaves.  I love collaring and I love chastity.  I love making this real in every way that I can.  They’ve already begun their decent into slavery, they’ve sent their budget to me, cancelled their cable, etc.  These two came to me just before I left and had to wait patiently for my return.

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  • john4jess:[i feel like i found a lost Michelangelo sculpture in early July that i was just brushing off when it was taken from me.]{style=“font-size: small;”}

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    ::: {style=“text-align: left;”} john4jess:[Then, i found it again…]{style=“font-size: small;”} :::

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Footbitch admitted to touching himself in my absence, which he was punished for.  Lines.   Also punished with lines was Aladdin, who had left me for the millionth times, his fine for doing so increasing each time he comes back, pretty soon he’s not going to be able to afford to leave me again.  He did lines for canceling an amazon order on me before he left, what an idiot!  I also had him attach clothes pins to his genitals and perform the loser fountain for me, which he captured on video and sent to me.  I might share that soon.