Real Time Sessions

I’m frequently asked about real time sessions.  Now that I am living in the states, it’s very likely that I’ll be passing through a city near you at any time.  I don’t just session with anyone.  Unless I know you, chances are I’ll only meet you for a shopping session or to take your cash.  Real time sessions require a deposit and are obviously 100% on my terms.  You will not be touching me, you will  be respectful, you will not hesitate to do anything I ask of you and when I tell you I’m finished with you, I expect you to fuck off.  Sessions can be arranged by contacting me via email.  Keep up with my travel plans on twitter.

The following three stories were written by my slaves.  I met with all them, separately, in a two week span in January and asked them to write about their experience.

House Slave Chris:

After a handful of months as Goddess Jessica’s full-time house slave, she’s instructed me to write a recap of my time serving her.  Hopefully it gives her other slaves and fans, who aren’t as lucky as I am, some insight into what it’s like as well as something to dream about…

*Although I’ve followed Goddess for a while, I wasn’t lucky enough to meet her until recently.  I was in Denver and knew she had moved to the area a few months prior.  Once I made some free time during my visit, I knew I had to get in touch and see if there was anything at all I could do for her.  I figured she’d be out of town or too busy to meet a fan she didn’t know well.  But luckily for me she was home and had plenty of use for a slave. *

We arranged to meet near her house (after paying a deposit, of course) and meeting her for the first time was as amazing as you’d imagine.  It was a sunny, hot summer day (her natural habitat) and she looked gorgeous. Once we got to her house she had a few hours of chores to be done, including building an entire grill someone brought her.  She was on cam with slaves while I was sweating on the patio building the grill.  But she was kind enough to take a few breaks to let me know she probably wouldn’t use the grill much anyway.  We discussed a few fetishes, and after I finally finished the chores (and paid the rest of my tribute, of course) she decided to “reward” me with some high heel trampling.  I left town the next day a very happy man with very sore ribs.

*That visit was a sign of things to come.  After ending up in Denver full-time, and waiting for Goddess to return from a month-long European vacation, I started as her house slave.  She’s tweeted a lot of what I do for her and also described some of it in a recent clip.  It’s all true.  Cleaning her house, running errands, filming clips, taking pictures, doing dishes, picking up deliveries (she gets tons of gifts), clearing all the boxes once she’s opened the gifts, mailing packages, getting groceries and fresh juice, building furniture, hanging pictures and lights, fixing things, etc. *

*But the perks don’t end there.  Last month Goddess went to Vegas for the AVN’s and invited me along to serve her and her friends during the trip, which was a blast.  I helped shoot a lot of clips, ran errands, got juice and lunch, kept her hotel room clean, etc.  She kept me in chastity the entire time so it was easy to stay focused (a few months ago Goddess mentioned how much fun she’d have locking me in chastity from time to time, so of course I couldn’t resist buying a cage). *

After being lucky enough to serve her regularly and getting to know her a bit, it’s no wonder she has so many fans, her clips are so good and she’s great on cam.  She doesn’t need to act or put on a façade.  She has an amazing personality and is a natural at what she does, and it shows.  She also has the cutest laugh ever (if you’ve watched enough clips you realize too) and gets very mean if she goes too long without a vacation, sex or oysters.

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Vegas Slave:

Before the first time I met her, I felt somewhat buffered from being rendered a blithering stammering buffoon. After all, we would be a threesome dining at, perhaps, the best weekend brunch eatery in town‎. The lovely Lindsey would provide conversation with Jessica should I become speechless or, just as pathetic, become Rubio-numb and start repeating how breathtaking She looked (as I had repeated in my mind 1000 times). Also, I had a tidy tribute ready, as well as a bottle of the vitamin supplement she asked me to bring. I was dressed in a new Ermenigelda Zegna Italian suit, with a roguish silk pocket square. I was ready. Then I saw her, and realized I wasn’t ready.

Instinctively, my first move was to say something like “hello, you look lovely,”  grab her hand and, like a European Duke, lower my head and bring the back of her hand to my lips for a suave kiss. However, she instantly and firmly pulled her hand back and said “No you don’t! ” With that,  the Duke, in an attempt at charm and chivalry, was no longer a Duke – he was  the court clown before true regal power and authority. She was other-wordly beautiful, charming, intelligent, clever. . . and in complete and utter control. She saw through me and my facade of sophistication. I was, and have remained ever since, mesmerized. She correctly noted that her meal wasn’t properly cooked. She placed some olive pits in front of me, as if my place was to relish the possibility of handling her trash.  She criticized the clumsiness of my pocket square and, in a series of deft moves, grabbed the silk square from the pocket of my suit jacket, quickly folded the square a few times over. . . and tucked the square back into my suitjacket pocket to produce. . . the most perfectly stylish pocket square I, truly, have ever worn before or since!  All the while, I gratefully accepted the corrections, the guidance, Her power, and Her perfection. I turned out to be a blithering, stammering buffoon, after all. But I treasured the fact that I was Her blithering stammering buffoon.

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The second time I met her, she would see the real me – deep, intelligent, worldly, funny. All was in place. Dinner at a 5-star French restaurant.  Followed by the best seats at the best Cirque show. The BEST seats at the BEST show. How could she not be impressed! We were to meet in front of the restaurant. I waited (add punctuality to my list of virtues!) and, eventually, saw her walking toward me. With every step she got closer, and with every step my heart rate increased. Finally, she was in front of me, a vision of beauty, poise and, yes, sheer power. And she did something that caught me off guard. . . she extended her the back of her hand a few inches from my chin. . . I was going to be the chivalrous Duke that I was not allowed to be. When we first met! As I gallantly grabbed for her hand, pursed my lips, lowered my head so my lips could greet the back of her hand. . . There was nothing to grab!! She had swiftly withdrawn her hand, walked past me toward the restaurant entrance, and with a smile, looking back at me, she said “Just kidding.” I sheepishly followed.

Inside the restaurant, her beauty and authority seemed to increase by the second. We soon sat at our booth and, in desperation to recover my emotional balance and groove, I drank three shots of strong port wine in quick succession. The dinner was magnificent. She allowed me to order certain items. She was generous, funny and very very knowledgeable about, well, everything. I was not her equal. For example, in a futile attempt to impress her, I noted that the Himachi she ordered was a staple in Korean cuisine. Wrong. I confused Himachi, a high-end fish, with Kimchi, the Korean dish. So it was a reprise of our first meeting in a certain sense. . . whether she corrected my clumsy pocket square or my lack of knowledge regarding fine cuisine . . . She was the master. I could only be grateful to be a student.

The cirque show “O” has private booths that seat no more than 4. We had the center private booth and we had it to ourselves. There was a private door to enter the VIP booth, and heavy drapes on either side to separate us from the other VIP booths. We had complete privacy except for the waitress who would came in, first with the champagne bottle placed in a ice bucket pedestal and occasionally to see if we needed anything.   Oh, and of course, if any of the O performers happened to look our way, they could see what she would eventually be doing to me.

The acrobatics of the performers was incredible. It was strangely appropriate because, soon, Jessica was controlling me as if I was being emotionally flipped, thrown, somer-saulted, topsy-turvyed, and spun around. She destroyed any pretense I might have had of appearing sophisticated to her. She had me so confused and flummoxed, that I can only remember snippets of images. She actually did allow me to share the champagne with her, and all I had to do was be attentive and pour champagne in her glass as she needed. I remember being on my knees. I remember licking the sole of her pump.  I remember being bitch-slapped repeatedly and the sound of her laughter being interspersed with the applause of the crowd. I remember the waitress walking in when I was prostated at Jessica’s feet. I remember I didn’t care if the waitress, the O performers, or any of the hundreds in attendance saw what was happening. And all the O acrobats and musicians had to do was to look up; and all the audience had to do was to look back. I remember being allowed the extraordinary privilege of kissing the bottoms of her very tall high heels. Through it all, I was buffoonish. Suffice to say, we were supplied with 2 perfectly good champagne glasses. By the time the show was over I had clumsily broke them both.  By the time the show was over I had emptied my wallet full of 100 dollar bills into her perfect hands.  I broke the glasses, she broke me. ‎ The only virtue I’m proud of Is that I can faithfully follow her lead and every whim. I have a lot of work to do. You see, the punctuality that I was so proud of when I met her for the dinner is no longer a virtue I possess in her eyes. This blog is tardy. So the next time we meet (if there is a next time allowed), I’m sure she’ll remind me of my shortcomings as she guides me to be whatever she wants me to be.

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After an excruciatingly long flight delay, i saw my Goddess emerge from the airport terminal. The sight of Goddess Jessica immediately melted away the façade of my manhood. my eyes instinctively fell in deference to the perfect, dominant, beautiful Being before me. i was back in the presence of my owner, my purpose.

The weekend was an exhilarating whirlwind of servitude. Anyone fortunate enough to be granted the privilege of Goddess Jessica’s company, knows her appreciation for fine cuisine. With that in mind, i made sure Goddess would be spoiled with truly memorable dining experiences. The first such venue was an amazing, 5-star, fourteen course, omakase style Japanese feast at one of Miami’s most exclusive dining establishments! Once seated, Goddess took immediate control and chose the perfect top end sake to start the meal.  She knew price was no object when it came to pleasing her refined, sophisticated palate.  She had me under Her hypnotic spell from the moment She arrived. What was spoken remains a blur.  While the dinner was a true culinary experience, my dessert was the arousing check that more than satisfied the bulge in my wallet!!!

The next day, i picked up Goddess at her luxurious beach front resort.  i arrived with her favorite cold pressed, organic green juice in hand as She requested.  As you can imagine, Goddess was dressed to kill!  A trail of gawking men were falling over themselves as She passed them by to enter my car. Goddess peered over her sunglasses, and her eyes told me all that i needed to know!  It was that time!  Time to take my Goddess on a shopping spree.

Through intense hypnotic recall, i have been able to piece together fragments from the euphoric blur that was my shopping excursion with Goddess. It was a déjà vu all over again. As i held the door open for her, i immediately fell into subspace.  With not even the slightest turn of her head to acknowledge my presence, Goddess piled one dress upon another over my out reached clutches.  Every dress She tried on fit her perfectly.  We both knew the only right thing to do was for me to buy them all!!  Once again, a wave of pleasure consumed me as i watched the growing tally on the cashier screen.  No matter how often or how much i am allowed to $poil Goddess, i am always so appreciative of this special honor.

my Gifted encounters granted by my owner are sacred.  She is my religion. She has taken me down a path that i never would imagine possible for me to have traveled.  She has turned me inside out, from a once alpha-esque man to her obedient, submissive slut.  Her training methods have proven highly effective at breaking me down and in.

Overtime, Goddess has set many triggers and anchors in my mind to train and modify me.  Her training extends into all aspects of my life.  my behavior, my $pending, my focus, my fetishes are all crafted and determined by my owner to best suit her needs.  Her needs and Her life constantly evolve and i have learned that i too must constantly evolve to maintain my place.

Thank You Goddess Jessica, words are not enough to express my gratitude for being allowed to be in Your presence. This was a truly magical experience for me. i truly appreciate being granted to be a small part of Your Perfect life.

In fact, words are never enough, i know the right thing for me to do is to $poil You again! So it has been written, so it shall be done!! Xoxo

You forever own me, mind, body, wallet, and soul!

Your property,


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