Premature Ejaculators Beware

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Tonight pin dick paid for 10 minutes of cam.  We were chit chatting about how he hates me and I’m ruining his life when around 4 mins in I jokingly held the cam over me POV style and said “Look pin dick, this is what it would be like if you were fucking me! Uh, Uh, Uh, I can’t feel anything, ugh, get off me” while bouncing back and forth.  I stopped when I heard screaming.

“Oh my god your boobs Goddess, STOP STOP, please I will cum!”

Pin dick is very cheap.  He pays his ten mins and he edges himself expertly, so he may savor every minute of paid cam.  He likes to make it last, can you blame him?  His sincere and imploring howling really delighted me though, so despite his frantic protesting I did the motion again, of course.  I watched  my cam this time and I became fascinated with my own breasts.  For a few seconds I became captivated by those natural beauties, watching them jiggle around in all of their perky glory, his howling fading away as background noise.  I started squishing them repeatedly with my arms, ignoring pindick screaming and pleading for me to stop, when suddenly.


His pleading had heightened to hysteria as he realized he was ejaculating with his hands held in the air as if someone was pointing a loaded gun to his temple.

He hyperventilated for a while, clearly dazed and horrified while I tried to catch my breath but I was just as hysterical as he was.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.  Am I just as sick as you guys?