I'm Backkkk!

After a long vacation, I’m finally home in Hawaii. It’s so gorgeous here, this island was made for me; 80-90F year round, sunny everyday, exotic fruits, asian cuisine, pristine beaches, tropical plants. I’m so happy here, it’s what a Goddess deserves… not to mention I’m far, far away from you losers hahaha

I am very pleased to say all of my slaves stuck with me in my absence. You’re all truly devoted and I was very impressed, but not surprised.

My sites are all back up and running, as you can see I’ve been adding videos back slowlyyyyy. I will have NEW videos up in a day or two, filming a few today. I’m always too lazy to turn my NF lines on, so when they ARE on, it’s because I’m in an evil and frisky mood. Don’t forget about all the buttons on my NF page, exclusive photo sets, hypnosis mp3’s, blackmail apps, etc.

Slaves:  Change your twitter profiles to read “proud/devoted slave of @jessurgoddess”  or something along those lines… make sure to update my new twitter name.