HUGE update- lots of pics!

I am SO behind on blog updates.  I should have blogged right after Demi left, but I’ve been way too busy taking all of your money to bother!

While Demi was here we went snorkeling at the coral reef, then hung out at the beach and tanned.  The next night we went to a luau and out to some bars.  Then felt like we should burn off those calories, resulting in quite a few hikes with MAGNIFICENT views.  Overall we spent two nights partying in Waikiki and it was a pretty good time.  The first night she got here 4 of us went out and got a hotel, the last night she was here just her and I went out and went hotel jumping.  We had so much fun catching up, sipping on tropical cocktails and chatting with random tourists.  I didn’t even post any receipts because stranger were picking up our tabs!  You KNOW I don’t pay for shit!  We had such a blast.

We also went to a nude spa, it was pretty sweet.  You take off your clothes in the locker room and head to the hot tub, then you get in a really cold pool, then into a sauna, then to the cold pool, then to a steam room.  After that we both got full body exfoliations and then full body massages.  These little naked asian ladies were even WALKING on our backs, we giggled the whole time.  My skin was as soft as baby skin for a week after.

Some pics (click photos to enlarge and again for full size):

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Gifts from the month of April until today.  I only include amazon GC’s that were impressive or had messages I appreciated:

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As most of you know from my twitter, I have a few new humiliation tasks that I’ve made.  I am having WAY too much fun with them.  Making you suffer makes me GLEEFUL!  The condom snorting stunt is definitely a keeper!

A couple cam sessions from April (everyone who is shown has consented):

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*An update on the slaves mentioned in “Service is Sacrifice”

John4Jess- Still serving and checking in like a proper slave, he has also picked up some tasks.

eager2pleez- Still trying his hardest to serve me again.  I’ve been ignoring him and treating him like a scum sucking shit bag, meanwhile he’s been showering my husband and I with amazon gifts and sending tributes here and there.  It’s been about a month since he asked to come back again and I still haven’t taken him back.  Still waiting for a major break through or a single sincere thought, an act of unselfishness that can make up for all of his misbehavior… we’ll see.  As of now, not a slave of mine.

Swellin-  Got scared and tried to leave, just as I predicted.  Came blubbering saying that it was the worst decision ever and that he needed me.  I forbid him to speak to me for a week.  During that week I made a poll that I had everyone vote on, the poll determined his punishment.

[gallery ids=“1278”]

He immediately completed his task and sent me the video.  I posted a screen shot from the video, which he agreed to but then later paid me $200 to take it down.

*My roommate from college is coming to visit me on Monday (tomorrow), she’s staying for a week.  She has been to Hawaii before so I think we’ll do less sightseeing and more relaxing.  I’ll still be logging in at night for an hour or two for chat and sessions.

*I bought a harp.  A fucking harp.  It is a full size minstrel harp and I will learn to make the music of angels.  I might need to get harp lessons so I will keep my little robots up to date on that.

*I was so excited about my new hair that I posted it all over the place, I’m sure no one missed that.

[gallery ids=“1286”]

*New rule that applies to all slaves:  In addition to calling your dick your “wee wee stick” you now must inform me about any purchases you make that are over $200.  You need to ask permission to spend my money.

* A warning to SLUTS-  You are now being carefully watched.  If you start slutting, I will be alerted immediately.

Last but not least: FREE CLIP- one of my blackmail bitches reallllyyyyyy wants to show everyone what a dumb jerk bag he is.  Here is a little clip entitled “Human Birthday Cake Gone Wrong.”


bdaycakegonewrong  <----- click to view