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Run down of your week away {#yui_3_7_2_1_1353302934374_129}

::: {#yui_3_7_2_1_1353302934374_127} ::: {#yui_3_7_2_1_1353302934374_126} ::: {#yui_3_7_2_1_1353302934374_125} Nov 10thStarted the day off waking up at 7:00 to get ready for Soccer.  I remember it taking me REALLY long to get ready this day and being very tired and irritable.  On my way in my boss texted me that he picked me up an iced Coffee which woke me up once I got in.  Nothing really interesting happened  at work and I left around 12:00.After showering and eating lunch I headed into the club for the night.   The show this night was a hip hop show I booked which was actually pretty un eventful.  About half way through the night I took the manager out to dinner for his Bday.  We went to this sports bar  called Beckies.  Our tab was about $40 which included both of our food, shots and beers.Once we got back to the club that’s when all of the fun started.  At this point everyone we knew that was coming was already there and since it was his birth day we did A LOT of shots with everyone.  At some point there was a lap dance competition on stage for him with a cash prize.

As you know at the end of the night I got stuck there.  I lent someone the clicker to get in and out of our parking lot and they forgot to give it back.  At least I got to talk with you a little bit that night and do some shopping on your wish list to make me feel better.

Nov 11th

Woke up this day at work because my car was stuck in our parking lot.  One of my friends stopped  to keep my company while I waited around.  Since it was Sunday we sat at the bar and drank a few beers and watched a football game.  At half time we went to this all you can eat taco place up the street for lunch.  With tip the whole meal was under $15.

By the time we got back Someone was there so that I could get my car out.  I went straight home and ended up sleeping a couple hours.  Woke up around 3:00 or so and Couldn’t get back to sleep.  Searched You tube and read watched a couple re runs until about 7:00

Nov 12th

Found out it was a holiday after I drove up to the bank lol.

Prolly was one of the most boring days in the office.  I was the only in for about half the day and there was nothing going on at all.

When my boss came in I found out there was a Jager taste testing that night that our liquor rep was in charge of. ( the one I have mentioned before) so of course I agreed to go to that with him.  When we got there we found out it was a taste testing to come up with new shots and  mixed drinks.  All the drinks were free but you were only allowed to drink jager drinks.  Best shot of the night was one that tasted like a mint cookie.

We left around 11 and went out to eat.  After drinking a lot of jager I wasn’t really hungry so only got an appetizer which was $8.  I left a $2 tip and went home after that.

Nov 13th

Started the day of  talking to my sister for her B day.  Me and her aren’t really close and don’t talk to that much so its always a little awkward.

Before I went into work I had to fill up my car which I always HATE.  $40 for a full tank.

After work I was talked into going out with one of the co workers here.  He has a crush on one of the girls that does promotions for Budweiser and Camel and didn’t want to go to one of her events alone.  It was close to my house so at least on the way home.

The event was held at a sports bar.  Once I got there I found out it was complimentary Budweiser or bud light which is what I drink.  I had about 4 drinks and we did a round of shots.  The only thing I paid for here was an order of wings which was $12.

Nov 14th.

Woke up around 1:00 and pretty much went right into work.

We had a staff meeting which took up most of the day.  These meeting are pretty fun.  WE go through all of the shows we have coming up.  Than come up with some other ideas and things to look into booking.

My favorite tv show ( criminal minds) is on every Wednesday so that’s what I watched when I got home.

I think this was the day that went by the fastest even though there wasn’t a whole lot happening.

Nov 15th


I made sure to post a happy anniversary message on your twitter .  I wished you could have been on this day but I was glad that I was able to give you your big surprise the week before.

On Thursdays I only work the soccer job in the afternoon.  The only excitement was a bloody nose lol.

I’ll tell you again how happy I am to have found you and to have served you the last six months. ::: ::: :::

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