DD Clips and San Fran Trip

I had a great time with the Mistress B.  We hit it off immediately, just like we both suspected we would.  I was able to hook up with my old college roommate while I was there, went to some vineyards in cape cod and did wine tastings.  Miss B and I went shopping in some very cute boutiques, went out to eat a few times, made tons of cocktails at her beautiful home and did a TON of cam sessions.  I love her strict, no nonsense attitude as well as her quirky and sometimes delightfully sick sense of humor.   We have owned several slaves together and make a great team.

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My favorite clips that we made are:

Evil JOI Instructions ft Miss B

[caption id=“attachment_2228” align=“aligncenter” width=“403”]canyousucceed-01{.wp-image-2228 width=“403” height=“227”}
Today we have a special joi challenge for you!
Miss B gives you sweet, seductive domme instructions on how to jerk yourself silly. That sounds hot; right? But here comes the challenge, you have to try to ignore my abuse and humiliation while stroking one out!
We go back and forth with me directly in front of your face and Miss b in the background. Who are you going to listen to? Are you going to puss out and cry yourself to sl3ep again or are you going to be a success and rub one out?
Do you think you can do it? You know what I’m saying about you is true. But you also have Mistress B cheering you on. We’ll see…[/caption]

Post Orgasm Abuse

[caption id=“attachment_2229” align=“aligncenter” width=“400”] We're so bored of hearing you BEG to touch your dick, begging to stoke and begging to cum. We've heard it a thousand times, let's switch it up for once! We want to hear you BEG us to let you STOP jerking off. We want to hear you scream "PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!" Enjoy a nice stroke, enjoy a nice orgasm. We'll allow you to jerk and we'll allow you to cum, but then we'll f0rce you to keep going and going and going. This masturbation session will be the most painful you've ever experienced and that's exactly what we're aiming for. {.wp-image-2229 width=“400” height=“225”}
We’re so bored of hearing you BEG to touch your dick, begging to stoke and begging to cum. We’ve heard it a thousand times, let’s switch it up for once!
We want to hear you BEG us to let you STOP jerking off. We want to hear you scream “PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!”
Enjoy a nice stroke, enjoy a nice orgasm. We’ll allow you to jerk and we’ll allow you to cum, but then we’ll force you to keep going and going and going. This masturbation session will be the most painful you’ve ever experienced and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for.[/caption]

Lindsey Leigh came to visit for three days before meeting her boyfriend in Maui.  She was hilarious and such a hottie, we spent a day tooling around the island, tanning at the beach and eating tropical fruit.  We did a photo shoot on her last day and filmed some clips.  The set will be avail soon.

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Clips we made:

You Dirty Cock Craver!

[caption id=“attachment_2237” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”]dirtycockcraver{.size-full .wp-image-2237 width=“500” height=“281”}
Are you still pretending not to be a cock craving faggot? Ha! You might as well just admit what you are because the wholeeeeee world suspects it already. Just give in to Lindsey and I, admit it, jerk yourself silly to cock right in front of us. It will be liberating, we promise ;)[/caption]

Laughing At The Humiliation Junky

[caption id=“attachment_2238” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”]laughingathumiliationjunkie{.size-full .wp-image-2238 width=“500” height=“281”} I decide I HAVE to show Lindsey Leigh some of the crazy stunts I’ve put one of my slaves through. I’ve coerced him into the most depraved and humiliating acts thinkable and show them to her on my laptop, adding insult to injury.
After Lindsey gets over the initial shock and disgust we burst into fits of laughter while mocking and teasing him. In the end we pile on MORE tasks for him to complete. His work is never done.[/caption]

My trip to San Francisco was just perfect.  I had an amazing time with my girlfriend Demi as usual.  We threw a huge “Mask of the Red Death” party, changed all the light bulbs to red ones and put black cloth on all the walls.  Her boyfriend set up a fog machine, it looked amazing.  Everyone there was very intelligent and accomplished, a nice change from the dumbasses who live in Hawaii.  I enjoyed having intellectual conversations with people who didn’t stare blankly at me and say “No, yeah?”  We all were pretty fucking drunk at the end of the night, Demi and I were hula hooping and at some point no one could see anyone else because the fog was so thick and we were all too drunk for it to register.  Someone turned it off and we opened the windows.

We partied for halloween and had a great time.  We were a huge hit at the clubs we went to and if we could have squeezed our way onstage on time we probably would have won best couple, as we have in the past.  We were both ninjas and had giant temporary dragon tattoos plastered on us.  We spent the night dancing with our swords and stabbing innocent bystanders.

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I met “sanfran4jess” at an ATM quickly before Demi and I had a nail appointment.  I met him at a Chase ATM.  He called me on niteflirt to say he was there, I ended up being 10 minutes late, oh well.  I attached a spy cam to the front of me and headed over in a black leather jacket, tight gray leggings and black knee high leather boots.  He recognized me immediately of course, and we headed over to the ATM.

financial{.size-large .wp-image-2277 width=“435” height=“773”}

I had instructed him to wear womens panties, I made him pull up his shirt and he was NOT wearing womens panties, which I knew would happen.  No matter!  I brought a pair of my own for him, I made him put a pink (clean) pair of victorias secret panties over his jeans.  He protested but I insisted.  I was too busy fumbling through his wallet to notice him take them back off, I’m sure it was mortifying for him.  He is very lucky he was able to sneak them off because I was planning on making him crawl back to his car in them on all fours.

I rifled through his wallet, finding all sorts of pockets with cash.

He squeaked, “Those 50’s were for an emergency”

“This IS an emergency.” Was my reply.  Duh.

I pulled out his license, held it close to my spy cam.  I made fun of the terrible license photo that made his face look fat.  After that I pulled out his credit card and withdrew cash until his card met the limit.  I pointed to the blinking green light on the device attached to me.

“Do you know what this?”

I delighted in watching his face fall as his eyes analyzed my hidden cam. He looked back up at me.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“Whatever I want.”

I got what I wanted and he was all used up.  I told him it was time to fuck off and then he tried to shake my hand as a farewell.  Uhhhh, last time I checked I am a GODDESS, I am not going to shake a slaves hand like we are two civilized people.  Instead I had him get on the ground, kiss my boots and thank me, which he did immediately.  I was two steps away when he called after me with a request.  He nervously wrung his hands together and with a dumb grin asked if he could kiss my ass.  I said something dismissive like " Fuck that" and walked about 5 yards away to the nail salon to laugh with Demi where we enjoyed being fussed over while drinking green tea and soaking our feet in an herbal bath full of flower petals.

Unfortunately the SD card in my spy cam was filled with test footage so I was unable to capture the event.  Pretty pissed about that but lesson learned.

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This weekend I hung out with my husband, we went to some great restaurants in Chinatown. I got my nails done while he got a massage.  One of my new cucks is just in love with my husband, he calls him Thor and he BEGS to pay for our meals!  We’re going to a cool japanese restaurant next weekend and guess who’s covering it? ;)

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Lastly, my husband and I are going to Bora Bora and Tahiti for Christmas!  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to go swimming with sharks and rays and sleep in a over the water bungalow!  We were going to go to Australia and New Zealand but because of the holiday the tickets were doubled and airfare was going to be 5k.  We’ll go when the tickets aren’t outrageous.  My flights were almost completely paid for with Hawaiian Airlines gift cards!  I love love love when slaves tribute using hawaiian air.  It’s just as instant as amazon.  Love it.

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