Another 1 Week vacation is Over

So if you hadn’t noticed, I have gifted myself with another 1 week vacation.  It’s over now and I commend you for surviving in my absence.  It’s 10:20pm, which means you’re all sleeping.  I’m feeling very chatty and I figured I would channel it into something productive instead of tweeting away into the abyss.  Tweeting when no one is awake to respond is a pointless, lonely, useless thing to do and I’m all about ergonomics.

Very rarely do I keep you up to date with my life, aside from twitter, and unless you ask me you’ll never know.  Even if you ask me, I might not have the time or patience to tell you.  Do enjoy the following unorganized update on my life:

My vacation went great.  I had a surprise visit from a girlfriend who was passing through.  She’s quite the kindred spirit and we spent the past 6 days in the great outdoors basking in the Hawaiian sun, frolicking practically nude in the waves and hiking through the lush green mountains.  All of my sneakers are covered in red dirt and my ass is back to the glow-in-the-dark shade.    I seem to have lost the top to my favorite new Brazilian bikini I bought in Maui.  It’s got to be somewhere around here, it will turn up soon.  We went to an awesome luau her last night here!  It was every thing I had hoped a luau would be.  The place we went to was a sea park so we got to see dolphins and sea turtles and sea lions.  I want to go back for a dolphin swim soon!  I want to do it SOOOOO so badly!  I need to hug and kiss and swim with those playful sea mammals!  I’m thinking that would be a good idea for my upcoming anniversary.  Ohhhh, cuckolds, where are youuuu?

For the next couple of months Wednesdays are going to be herbalist/ harp lesson days.

Herbalist-  I just recently found out that I’ve had a severe zinc deficiency for the past two years.  I’ve been a pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish and seafood) for the past 3 years and enjoy a very healthy lifestyle so I was pretty shocked when I discovered the error of my ways.  Zinc is in red meats and chicken, but is also found in dairy and eggs.  Dairy and eggs are almost omitted from my diet and I thoughtlessly had switched from my vegetarian multi vitamins to adult gummy vitamins.   The adult gummies did not contain zinc.  I went to my doctor  who of course, was as useful as a sock full of shit and I took to the internet to research what was wrong with me.  After taking a zinc supplement and curing myself, I decided to seek the help of an herbalist to balance my body and put my health at 110%.

Harp Lessons-  I very much want to master the harp but I haven’t put my practice as a top priority.  I need to set aside at least an hour every other day to practice.  As I’ve shared with my slaves who have already contributed, once I learn a few songs I am going to record myself playing and give the link to the ones who have encouraged and funded my lessons.  Some have even asked for ignore lessons of me practicing outside on my patio ;)  I am a professional muse.

I have reconnected with a few hypnotherapists circles and I have become re-inspired.  Fresh ideas have a way of doing that.  There will be much more hypno clips coming your way.  There is something about catching a non believer off guard and totally entrancing him that I find very satisfying and borderline addicting.  I hope that you’ve noticed that the quality of my clips has been improving more and more.  I’ve been toying with different techniques, different software and different cameras and it’s been paying off.  I’m pretty impressed with myself as I have no former photography/video shooting experience and I’ve had no help aside from tiny little spurts of advice from my webslave when he’s horny enough to spend time answering a barrage of questions

I’m visiting Mistress B in September.  I really admire her strict, no nonsense attitude.  I intend to be very strict, but it’s hard to take most of you seriously and so I end up fucking around with you instead.  I feel like she would be the ying to my yang and I anticipate some class A clips to come! My old college roommate lives in RI so I’ll be hanging out with her while I’m there.  I’m SO looking forward to it and I’ll keep you updated.

Last and obviously least, my SLAVES:

You have all been very keen to shower me with gifts lately.  Lots of shopping sprees and random large tributes  My slaves truly want me to be happy and that very much pleases me.  I’m proud that my slaves have manners, they stick around, they don’t ask for anything in return.  This is what I demand and so this is what I receive, this is how my world works.  I don’t prance around practically naked, wave my ass for the camera, talk dirty and encourage the viewer to jerk off.  YOU are the performer, not I; and that’s exactly how we like it ;)  I enjoy a select few and you just so happen to be one (or were at some point) if you have access to this blog.

As most of you know, I have only been in the scene for one and a half years.  I can roll with the best of them and I still have my original slaves. It’s not often that a Domme can juggle clips AND slave ownership.  I can do it all.  I’m awesome and you’re welcome.  There is one thing I acknowledge I need to work on… in my original blog I documented my slaves progress and sessions meticulously.  I listed the progress of each slave.  I bragged about tributes and humiliation stunts and many of you, including myself miss that.  I feel myself slacking and becoming placid and I aim to be more slave oriented in the future.  Expect slave updates in the next blog.

*NOTE*  This does not mean I will be taking screen shots of you in my cam sessions.  I do not expose slaves without their consent.  I have mentioned it several times but due to the short attention span most of you possess, I find it necessary to repeat it as frequently as possible.

What YOU need to work on:

*checking in with me

*interacting on twitter

*using my favorite method of tributes instead of YOUR favorite methods.  Cash is king, but right now my favorite ONLINE tribute options are glam worship and hawaiian airlines.

*rating my kinkbomb clips and niteflirt calls

*reporting pirated clips to me