Domme AddictionFemdom Videos: Domme's Choice

Domme AddictionFemdom Videos: Domme's Choice

Divine Goddess Jessica – Divine Perfection!

by Michael Smith January 30, 2021

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself. Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Divine Goddess Jessica says…now obey like a good boy!

Goddess Jessica: Go get your ball gag and your butt plug. Remember that you’re worthless, okay? You are a human garbage can. You are a just a slutty anal cupcake! So of course you’re going to fill your ass for me while drooling through your ball gag. You’re going to look like an freak, down there on the floor. You’ll nod your head and agree to every vile insult I spit at you. At the end you’ll beg to eat your load and you’ll shoot it right down your throat. Just for me. Because I said so.

GJ: Obviously the one purpose of a sissy slut is to be a good little hole. You’re nothing but a pussy sleeve for big cocks. You’re nothing but a cum vessel. Do you agree? Does saying that out loud make your clitty drip? Then get a fuck machine (or a dildo with a suction), an electric chastity cage (or a basic chastity cage), and a little brown bottle of aroma. We’ve got work to do.

GJ: Set aside at least FOUR HOURS for this gooning journey. Be prepared to buy many of my clips. I won’t be telling you how many clips or how much money you’ll be spending, it’s a surprise! You just need to nod your head and obey. Follow my orders, trust in me completely and let me lead the way. Lock your door. Put in headphones. Turn off your phone. It’s just you and me. I can’t wait for you to find out what jerking your brains out for hours feeling like!

GJ: How did this happen to you? You just had an innocent little foot fetish and now all you think about 24/7 is giant cocks and what they do to me. I think the trauma of living with a shrimp for a dick is really getting to you. I guess the only way for you to live with the grim reality that pretty much any man walking around is packing more than you… is to fetishize it. You’ve gone so overboard with it though. You can’t focus at work. You can’t think straight. All you think about is huge cocks. Well, I guess we have ONE thing in common…

GJ: You know the drill 😉 But do you though? Have you really, actually done it for me, for real? You’ll do it today… no matter how humiliating it is. You like feeling like a little slut, don’t you? Get ready to discover what a mouth full of semen tastes like. Swallow your cum, your pride, and any last shred of self respect you may have had for yourself.