The Pros and Cons of Chastity

The Pros

by Goddess Jessica

Chastity is my FAVORITE way to get a substantial amount of control over a slave. No matter how unreliable of a slave a man is, you can always count on them once they become locked away in a chastity device. I’ve got the key, I’ve got the power. They will go out of their way to please me in the faint hope that I may send them their key a day earlier. I love to screw with them, tease them, make them swell in their cage and ache for release. It’s not all bad though, here are the benefits to being my little chastity slave.

I’ll be so proud: This is a big step for you. You have to really trust me to hand that key over. Yeah, I could fuck you over and never give it back, but why would I do that if you’ve been obedient? You are tied to me, literally. This promotes loyalty and sense of dependence. Locking yourself up means you’re giving up your one true pleasure, sacrificing for me. Bonus points!

You’ll serve me better: Many men report a profound feeling of submission when they find their little pink pals in a cage. Not only have you lost the ability to stroke or orgasm, you can’t even really SEE your penis! It’s much less tempting to jerk off your morning wood when it’s non existent. Instead of worrying about your dick all day, you’ll concentrate on making me happy. You’ll want to please me in order to get that key back. Instead of jerking off to my clips all night, and then releasing and having that feeling of shame wash over you, you’ll simply be an observer of my beauty and power.

It will simplify your relationships with the opposite sex: No longer will you be staring at that cute girl at work, thinking “what if”; if it wasn’t out of the question before, it certainly is now. You don’t need to feel anxiety at the bar, you won’t feel the need to impress anyone. That little guy is locked up, you’re not getting any, end of story. For the entire length of your sentence, you don’t need to worry about std’s, pregnancy or embarrassing sexual performances on your part.

You will become more productive: You’ll be forced to control your sexual urges, stop jerkin’ it all the time, and spend it doing productive things instead. Less time masturbating and fantasizing about sex means more time to work and serve me. Even if you spend just 10 minutes a day on sexual release, by the end of the month that’s 5 hours you could have spent doing something worthwhile. We all know you spend WAY more then 10 minutes a day. What a burden it must be! Half your life wasted, all because of that worthless dick.

Heightened sense of spirituality: Refraining from masturbation is almost a form of fasting. When else in your life will you be able to do this? You would never have the control or strength to do it yourself, you need me. Your mind will be so much clearer without being fogged by sexual thought and urges.

The Cons

by chubby cakes the slave

I know that I am not able to please a woman. I don’t get laid very often and I do miss the touch of a woman’s hand on my man-meat. A woman is able to control me as long as she is in control of my dick. If she is stroking me and asks me to do something for her, then there’s no doubt I would do it. That’s the type of power women can have over me. Since I don’t get laid very often, and I have no prospects in sight, I figure the next best thing was to have my cock controlled by a gorgeous Domme with whom I would never have a chance in the first place. Goddess Jessica told me to mail her the keys to my chastity device on April 20, I had been wearing it for her the week prior and she was gracious enough to give me one last masturbatory session, however, she had me cum into an ice tray and freeze it only to have me eat it for her on cam a few days later. She gave the keys back to me 40 days later during a real time session I had with her.

The pains of wearing it: The device causes my balls to be positioned toward the front of my legs. There is much more of a chance for me to rub my nuts in a painful way just because I’m not used to them being out front like they are. There are times when I am laying on my bed and when I roll over my balls get in a compromising position and I feel intense pain for a short period. The hard plastic that is continuously surrounding my balls pulls on my skin and is somewhat uncomfortable. I need to pull my sack back through to make it a little less uncomfortable. Daily use and movement causes my sack to slip through the ring a bit.

The uncomfortable touching: I need to be extremely careful at work. I work in tight quarters with other people and have rubbed it against someone, accidently, only once. Now I make sure I am far enough away from then when I walk past them or I hold my hand or another object in front of my cage so it doesn’t touch anyone.

The cleaning of it: It gets quite funky down there. In order to clean it properly, I need to take a bath. I also use a q-tip to clean out certain parts of it. I am pretty certain that when Goddess Jessica allows me to take it off, my dick is gonna smell like an Indian baby’s diaper. Well maybe not that bad, but there’s definitely some fumunda cheese growing down there.

The noise of wearing it: When I walk around, there are times when the lock bangs against the cage. The sound is extremely annoying and when I go on my walks, I use scotch tape to keep it from making noise. Usually my underwear does a good job of keeping the noise down on a daily basis, but every once in a while, the noise happens and only I know what it is…

The oddities of pissing:Having to piss is definitely an odd and new experience. I always have to sit when I pee now. Since the cage is so much larger than my dick, my piss goes all around the inside of the cage and so I use the q-tips to help me clean the piss from inside the cage and I also use it to dabble the tip of my dick to get those last little drops that I don’t want on my clothes all day.

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