On Humiliation

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Humiliation is not a very complex fetish, it is a fetish that is basic and primal. It’s about shame, it’s about being inhuman, it’s about shock and obscenity, it’s about putting on a show.

The subs that humiliate themselves on cam want my attention, they want me to see them at their lowest point. They want to be at my mercy. They delight in the crazy, nasty stunts that my twisted mind creates, always experimenting with new ways to push the limit.

Some of them have gone as far as they can go. They have done every despicable, obscene act in the book. Suddenly nothing phases them anymore, they have lost that shock factor and they are constantly craving for something more extreme. Being obscene is exciting. Will you get away with it? Did I record you? How will society react if they find out? To experience something obscene, you must feel shocked. When you are being humiliated, you are not human. Dr. Stoller, a psychoanalyst and expert on the dynamics of perversion has said, “ Recall how the meanings of obscenity over lap those of perversion, pornography, dirty and sin, conditions of sensual pleasure to which hatred (or violence, brutality, cruelty, shaming, insult, hostility, anger, aggression, dislike, teasing, jesting) has been added. And hatred? The desire to harm. Harm? To humiliate, debase, violate for revenge.” Do you see why that would appeal to the mind of a humiliation slut? Being used, abused, violated, manipulated, made fun of and insulted are the greatest fantasies of a submissive.

One person’s obscenity is another person’s jerk off material (is another person’s psychological research study.) I recently had a sub approach me about a clip featuring a slave performing a series of humiliating acts. I had been paid to take down so it was no longer available for sale. The sub had found the gif and NEEDED to have the video. I refused to sell him the video or to give away the identity of the slave who performed the stunts. He was able to find his twitter name and contacted him regarding the clip. He proposed to pay me $50 for each humiliating clip the slave made for me. The humiliation slave couldn’t resist an opportunity to exploit himself to earn me money and I sent out his first clip today (rolling in his own shit while oinking like a pig.)

Many fetishes are actually all about humiliation and disguised as something else. Take for example a male flasher. An excerpt from Diane Ackermans book, A Natural History of Love:

“The flasher rarely runs away. Flashing the woman fills only the smallest part of his need. His real goal has many aspects, including the woman’s upset and disapproval; the humiliating arrest; the appearance in court; the embarrassment to his family; the risk of losing his job. These are the critical elements of exposure for the flasher. A flasher is nearly always someone with low self-esteem, a bankrupted version of his sexual worth, and a deep sense of failure as an individual. In his own eyes, he is the unmanliest of men, a limp member of society, a worthless male.”

By the simple act of exposing himself, he is able to create shock and chaos. He is able to stop traffic, make a woman scream, get him arrested, ruin his career. Suddenly he’s very important. Suddenly he’s getting all sorts of attention. Everyone is disgusted, appalled. He’s filled with shame but strangely satisfied. Someone that craves humiliation wants to be seen, they need someone to witness their lowest, most perverted and animalistic acts. It’s not enough for them to do these things in private, they are satisfied only when the acts are done as a theatrical performance.

Another popular humiliation category is forced bi. I’ve seen many people remarking that it’s not “forced” bi, you’re not being “forced” to suck dicks, you’re not actually “forced” to plunge a dildo into your ass. They say clearly you must actually want to do this, you buy the “forced” fetish clips all on your own. Obviously you’re a little bi curious, you must WANT to suck dicks.

Horny males want to be pressured, manipulated, FORCED into things that they shouldn’t want to do, humiliated by obscenity. They want to be bossed around and taken advantage of. An otherwise straight male would be humiliated by a gay act, they crave the humiliation. They aren’t looking for an excuse to suck dicks so they can blame it on someone else.

What turns them on is not the gay act itself. It’s the fact that feel forced into, what may in their mind be, the ultimate humiliation. There is no thrill like being coaxed and manipulated into perversion by an evil woman with terrible intentions.