How To Make The Most Of Your Service

So many of you want to serve but so little of you know what to do once you’re accepted as a slave. We guide you and train you, but you’re better off knowing what to do from the get-go. Just a few minutes of online research should be enough to tell you how to conduct yourself. For those of you serving, or thinking about it, here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your sub/Domme relationship.

You reap what you sow. If you don’t tell me what you’re into, or politely suggest methods of controlling you, we’re going to do it MY way. I could easily control almost every aspect of your life, but understand that this takes up large amounts of my time. I can do it, but I’ll ignore your pleas for “complete control” unless you’re paying up. If you don’t speak up, I might take it too easy on you, thinking that too much control will scare you away.

I’m not going to go out of my way to tell you all about myself, I won’t start talking up a storm. For all I know you could just be another fly-by only here for a week, wasting my time. Engage me. Asking lots of questions and asking for goals makes me want to spend more time on you because it makes me think that you want to excel and that you want to be long term. It shows that you’re genuinely interested. I’m only investing time into those eager to invest time/money into ME. Speak up!

Stick to ONE Domme, instead of several. Sprinkling tributes amongst several Dommes is just going to give you little slivers of time with several Dommes who are slightly annoyed with you and only engage with you half-heartedly. Consolidating all the money and tributing to just one Domme will give you an owner who is pleased with you, therefore much more likely to spend time training you and actually paying attention to you.

I talk to so many of you, it’s hard to remember who’s who if you’re a new slave. It’s up to you to make yourself stand out. Doing tasks for me and sending me pictures will put a face to your name. Use that picture for your twitter, skype and yahoo avatars and I’ll remember who you are as soon as you pop up. Be creative with your screen names. How many cuckloser69′s and sissyslave99′s do you think I talk to every day? Too many to count, don’t be that guy.

Check in with me regularly. If you don’t talk to me for 2 weeks, I’ll probably forget you. I’m not going to chase you down.