How To Be a Good Slave

I am not asked this question nearly enough. A slave should have a longing to go above and beyond to earn his Dommes attention. He should want to please her in any way humanly possible, give as much as he can without being a nuisance. I have several long term slaves who I have never had to punish (and sometimes I go out of my way to find a reason.) These slaves have adhered the following guidelines without ever having known of their existence. Any slave who wishes to be in my good graces would be a fool not to do the same.


This is your sole purpose, your duty, your responsibility. I shouldn’t need to remind you to do it and I almost never do. If you notice you’re being starved of attention lately, it’s probably because you haven’t done anything to deserve it. You know how to get my attention.

My wishlist is usually reserved for fly-bys. My owned slaves should be sending me cash tributes; I have enough “things” as it is. “Things” can’t be used to pay for plane tickets and vacations. I DO, however, appreciate gifts bought for me just because you were thinking of me, because it had a special meaning, or because I stated in the description that I needed it ASAP. Do not exclusively buy wishlist gifts as a means of tribute.


It’s the little gestures that most show me that you’re committed. I have a slave who sends me an ecard every time he tributes to thank me, one who sends a card in the mail on anniversaries, I have another slave who says his goodbye for the night with a paragraph thanking me for being me, listing my qualities that he most admires. Some put themselves in charge of paying for my hair appointments, cell phone bill, or mani/pedi’s every month.

I appreciate poetry, artwork, random pictures. Do something to show me you were thinking of me. Surprises prove that you’re paying attention, you’re thinking of me, and you’re trying to please. Humor me, indulge me. You’ll be thankful for it.

Learn everything you possibly can about me: Google me, read all my blogs, read my Domme Addiction pieces (found under "articles.) I write these things for YOU to read. Nothing drives me bucking fonkers like being asked a stupid question that could have been learned by just skimming my website first. You can find even more content and information about my day to day life here:

Be useful

The last thing you want to be is dead weight. If you’re going to be taking up my time, make yourself useful to me in any way that you can. Do you have any skills, talents, or tools to aid me in certain areas? Graphic design work, photo editing, website help. Maybe you’re a travel agent, or you work at a place with great fringe benefits and can hook me up, etc.

Scour the internet for pirated videos of me that have been uploaded to free clip sites, look for fake profiles of me with stolen pictures that have been made on kink sites. Report them and then send the links to me in an email.

Make sure all of my gifs are working, tell me if you see any spelling/grammatical errors anywhere. Did I forget to set my blog/YouTube video to private? Let me know right away.

I sometimes have menial little tasks I don’t feel like doing; ask me if there is anything I need.

Rate every single video you buy. Rate every single niteflirt call you make. Re-tweet me, advertise for me on websites and forums.

Do you have a creative idea for me? A new humiliation method, a clip idea, an article, an addition to my website, a new means of advertising? Let me know.

DO NOT ask me permission for stupid things, like permission to call me on niteflirt, to buy my videos, or to go to the bathroom. My videos are available for the public to buy. What makes you think I would discourage you from buying my videos? If my niteflirt line says I’m available, than by god, it looks like I’m available after all. If you think I’m going to control every tiny aspect of your life, then think again. My time is precious.

Do not annoy me with your sob stories. Do not complain to me about your life. I don’t care, talk to your fucking therapist. Do you think I want to wallow in your negative energy with you? I’d rather shit in my hands and clap.

Be obedient

Pay attention, god dammit!

If I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it immediately. You say you’re devoted to me, so then why do you brush it off until tomorrow? Staying up late to get something done for me even though you’re tired is just another way to prove your devotion to me. I don’t want to hear any whining/bitching/crying, ever.

DO expect punishments when you have not carried out a task. You are nothing more than a tool. You work for ME. Fuck ups don’t go unnoticed.

Do NOT bash other Dommes, do NOT spam Twitter sites in my name, do NOT slut around. You are MY slave; you are representing ME. If you don’t have manners, I will beat them into you.

If something is really bothering you, or I said I would do something and I haven’t done it, there is a polite way you can bring it up. I am fine with being politely reminded, not nagged. I am constantly multitasking and tend to forget things easily. Communicate with me; don’t expect me to read your mind.

If you’re a sissy, I want you to be PRETTY for me, shave EVERYTHING, slap on a little makeup before we get on cam. Don’t be a slob. Slobs get punished; dolled-up sissies get praised. You’re my property – my personal project – and as such you should be well maintained.

If you’re in chastity, be ready for random chastity checks that could occur at any time.

Obedience is essential during cam sessions. If you have specific, reasonable limits that you let me know about beforehand, I won’t push them. Do expect intense team viewer/ humiliation sessions. The more obedient you are, the more fun I’ll have. The more fun you are to session with, the more likely I am to session with you again and I might even draw the session out longer. Steer the session by making polite suggestions, not demands.

Let it be known that I only participate in CONSENSUAL blackmail and that is so very rare as it is. I will not record you or take photos of you without your knowledge, and I certainly won’t post them anywhere without asking you first. I do not want to scare away a good slave.

Do not argue with me – ever. If I say something is so, it is so. Arguing with me will only irritate me. To be devoted to me is to accept my word without question. I don’t deal with whiny slaves that try to dispute me or tell me I misunderstood them. It’s not worth the risk of my eyeballs rolling out of my head

Check in with me The day we go over your application, I tell each and every one of you to check in with me a couple times a week and I mean it. Whether that is through Twitter, YIM or email, I don’t care. It matters not if you’re away on a business trip, with your gf, etc. You can take 5 seconds to shoot me a message, no exceptions. If you go a week without contacting me, I write you off as a deserter. Expect to pay for it when you come crawling back, begging for forgiveness.

When chatting on Skype, understand that I am usually in multiple conversations, and I may be in a session or on a niteflirt call. Do wait patiently for me to respond. If my status is “away,” it’s for a reason. I am online often, by having my Skype ID you have the honor of spending a lot of 1 on 1 time with me that others can only dream of having. My favorite slaves have earned the privilege of getting my KIK ID, this means that they are in constant contact with me. They receive exclusive pics, special tasks and can get in touch with me immediately since they can access me via my personal cell phone which is on me at all times, no matter where I am. Strive to be on this list.

All slaves must recite the following worship mantra, once a day, three times, while kneeling and worshiping the photos below (click them to enlarge). Get to it:

"Goddess Jessica, i kneel before you and give thanks for all that You are, Your beauty, Your intelligence, and Your perfections. i hope that i will be able to be part of Your world, and i accept that it is only through my GIVING and SERVICE that will allow me to be a part of it. i kneel in hope that one day my tributes and gifts will put a smile on Your divine face and that i will learn to push myself and make sacrifices for Your needs and wants. i understand that if i do not give tribute to You Goddess that there are many better slaves to take my place. i will strive to ensure that day never comes."