Service is Sacrifice

I have for you three short stories of confused slaves struggling with their urge to serve and the nagging feeling that they should ditch their fetish and become a normal boy! I acknowledge a few were probably slutting around, or lying. There is also the possibility that pretending to struggle may just be part of their fetish, but let's explore these experiences on a superficial, totally literal level. Let's face it, most of you pervs are about as deep as a puddle anyway. The objective of this piece is to teach new slaves the importance of devotion. Learn from these slaves mistakes so that you may recognize and avoid these pitfalls.

John4jess: John, the go to fake name. I think I have 70 johns in my email contact list, you guys are so creative. John has been around for quite a while, checking in with me frequently, tending to my daily minor needs and regularly tributing without me asking. John was one of those slaves who I would think had died if I didn't hear from him for two days straight. I've noticed that it's the most severely addicted slaves, the ones that will try to spend every waking moment basking in my attention, that crash the hardest. They become so afraid of their addiction that they take off cold turkey to try and free themselves from their fetish, from my power. Of course they always drag themselves back like a mangy mutt with it's tail between it's legs; guilty, foolish, pitiful. John did just this.

I can't remember exactly how he left, I feel like it wasn't as sudden as I expected. He kind of drifted off and I didn't bother to stop him. At one point, my computer crashed at the same time as kinkbomb and most of my clips were lost. John, lurking in the shadows, saw my tweet and sent me every single clip I ever made, one by one, through a file share site. His absence lasted 5 or 6 months but I saw traces of him everywhere and I knew he was still obsessing over me. Once in a while I would spontaneously refer to him in a tweet, letting him know that I knew. I saw he was still buying all of my clips, he was following every one of my slaves on twitter, keeping his distance but staying close enough not to miss a moment of my life. Suddenly, last month I lost another clip, mentioned I needed it on twitter and a few hours later it was sent to my email by john. I responded with a couple photos and that was that. A couple weeks ago john sent me a long email accompanied by a tribute. It was time for him to put his collar back on, although he'll have to get a new doggie tag on his collar, as his name has now changed to “lurker.” We established a new set of rules for him, and he sent me a card in the mail with a cash tribute. This is a good example of how to go about getting a second chance if you screwed up the first time.

Eager2pleezjess: It was his unwavering obedience and utter politeness that kept him in my stable for a long time. A very confused slave, he has no idea what he wants. Most of the time he is incredibly needy for my attention and dying for me to acknowledge him in anyway, even waiting for hours on his knees for a 3 second skype call before he goes to sleep. Other days he's distant, hesitant, if not nervous about his service, constantly second guessing himself. These qualities obviously make him very annoying to me, so when he tried to leave after almost 9 months of serving I didn't really mind, although I did fuck with him a bit before I blocked him.

It all started when I sent him the lock to his chastity. About a week went by before he started itching for release, which he knew I would never grant in just a week... not after he pretended to be in voluntary "practice" chastity for 2 months with no problems. One day he popped up and told me that he had had a date. He told me that he thought I wouldn't let him go and so he didn't ask my permission. He expected me to be upset and dismiss him so he tried to beat me to it.

  • After countless attempts to get my attention, I gave him a chance to tribute for the opportunity to beg for forgiveness, which he didn't take advantage of immediately. That's all I needed to know. He is now blocked on all of my sites, my email, YIM, skype, etc. He deserves no second chance and I feel satisfied that I left him in pure anguish and turmoil. You see, he knew better. He knew exactly how to conduct himself and he chose not to. That's a dangerous game to play when I can crush your fucking soul at will. He is a good example of how to sabotage yourself.

Swellin4jess: Like most of my slaves that are my age, he fell hard and fast. He went balls deep as soon as he discovered me. Checking in with me every day and trusting me completely. Like clock work, he will eventually burn himself out and disappear for a few months, although his time has not come yet. I could write an entire article on this phenomenon as well, and maybe I will as the consistency with my age group and this tendency is unwavering and I've been studying them with a detached sense of curiosity.

In swells's application he made sure to include pictures of himself when prompted. One of him flexing in a bathroom mirror, and one with the “how you doin?” face.

As a newbie slave, I could see he wasn't sure how to approach me and had an air of arrogance about him. He constantly talked about his muscles and lifting, being athletic, getting chicks, etc. You can't imagine my delight in mutilating his ego little by little. I made sure to have him buy a big black dildo. Not only to taunt him since he was adamant about anal being a limit in his application, but to compare his dick to it. I had him jump on cam to prove his manhood to me. I knew he was eager to impress me and instead of annihilating that thought as soon as I picked up his subtle hints, I decided to indulge him so that I could CRUSH him. “Get hard, hurry up, c'mon, let's see it!” He was laughing and tugging away, trying to hurry sensing my immediate impatience. “You're young, you're fit, it should take 3 seconds, what's the hold up?” Constantly barraging him, goading him on, urging him to hurry, expressing my disappointment with how long it was taking him. I put so much pressure on him that he couldn't get hard, he finally stopped trying altogether, defeated.  He was left embarrassed, frustrated and emasculated.  Obviously this delighted me and I found it hilarious.

This was his one chance to be Mr.hotshot, his first impression and I sabotaged him. NEXT, I had him hold that glorious dildo up to his lifeless, rubbery wee-wee, looking absolutely deflated and dwarfed next to it's silicone rival. I could not contain my laughter at the shocking contrast. After the session was over, he begged to send me a photo of his dick, of course! I'm sure he wanted to take a picture of his morning wood, hold his breath and pump his dick full of blood to the point of explosion, and at the exact, perfect moment, snap a picture at just the right angle to make his dick look like a glorious, veiny 9 incher. Naturally I wouldn't let him have the satisfaction of knowing I saw his dick on it's best day and I refused. "No, I don't want to see that shriveled thing again.  Plus, you showed me already, remember?"  A few days later, he expressed his insecurity to me on YIM, and then admitted to lying about his size on his application:

In addition to the small penis humiliation I forced him to suffer through, I had him buy a set of lingerie from victoria's secret. When he walked away from the camera to put it on, I made sure to snap a pic just as he was exhaling and bending down in his panties. I then tweeted the resulting embarrassing photo on twitter:

A young, fit, confident 22 year old. Doesn't he look like any other middle aged, sissy slave loser? Exactly the look I was going for. It took a while, but I put him right in his place. I have whittled his ego right down to a nub and now all that matters is ME. What a good piggy!