6 Responses To  “Clips”
  • johnathan yabsley

    I have just watched the poppers ass play clip and I loved it…I can feel goddess Jessica twisting nx mind…how can slavery be wrong. When the master is so intoxicating xx

  • Mark Duff

    i hope to be a new findom slave to Goddess Jessica…i want to be financially milked, humbled and left with pennies…

  • Sasuke Uchina

    I really love the facesitting POV clips. she should make more videos like that don’t you guys agree?

  • David

    I love the crazy girlfriend video and just requested a part 2 of it. Can’t wait to get it. She’s such a great mind twister. Love it!

  • David

    She’s awesome. I love her crazy girlfriend clip. Keep up the great work Goddess.

  • Ken

    You should do a cuckold hypnosis clip, where you brainwash the viewer so that everytime he tries to have sex, or even thinks about having sex, his penis will go limp. This way he will never be able to have sex and will only be useful as you cuckold money pig. You can install ideas of inferiority compared to other Real alpha males and black males into his brain during the hypnosis, as well as inputting anxiety into his brain about how he just won’t ever be able to get an erection and will always fail.. the more he wants it to work and the harder he tries, the more impossible it will be… he will always and forever be impotent and can only serve as a cuckold money pig. Then you make the viewer repeat mantras while looking at your sexy body, teasing him with your body while reciting mantras of inferiority and imootency about how his penis is failing and being limp is what is best because he is so weak and beta and inferior. By the end, you have installed the inpotency hypnosis permanently in his brain and you tell him that he must obey and watch the clip at least one time per week in order to remain in your favor as your servant.

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