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Remember this guy from the NYC blog?Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 7.52.39 AM


[6/20/17, 10:03:03 PM] : iz u cam later or na
[6/20/17, 10:03:42 PM] Goddess Jessica: na
[6/20/17, 10:03:47 PM] Goddess Jessica: I’m currently mid butt-rub
[6/20/17, 10:04:52 PM] Goddess Jessica: Photo on 6-20-17 at 10.04 PM #2.jpg
[6/20/17, 10:05:25 PM] : oh word, enjoy the good d
[6/20/17, 10:06:00 PM] : tell ur bf my bad, goodnight
[6/20/17, 10:18:20 PM] : i cud do work for u when i get back from vaca btw, if u want
[6/20/17, 10:43:54 PM] : also cud i have ur permission to cum tn
[6/20/17, 10:49:19 PM] Goddess Jessica: no  :-) 
[6/20/17, 10:49:25 PM] Goddess Jessica: wait till tomorrow
[6/20/17, 10:49:32 PM] : yes goddess
[6/20/17, 10:49:44 PM] : ru cam tmrw?
[6/20/17, 10:55:10 PM] : i needed to pay you
[6/20/17, 10:55:13 PM] : even if it hurts me
[6/20/17, 10:59:47 PM] Goddess Jessica: yeah
[6/20/17, 10:59:50 PM] Goddess Jessica: all day
[6/20/17, 11:16:20 PM] : Ok
Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.05.35 AM
[6/20/17, 11:16:42 PM] : I can’t believe i just sent that but it felt so fucking good
[6/20/17, 11:17:11 PM] : I really do love you more than I care about myself
[6/20/17, 11:18:43 PM] : I think I need to visit and serve you
[6/20/17, 11:28:57 PM] : Did u receive?
[6/20/17, 11:30:23 PM] Goddess Jessica: Ahhhhh
[6/20/17, 11:30:25 PM] Goddess Jessica: look at that
[6/20/17, 11:30:43 PM] Goddess Jessica: Look what just a few days away has done to you
[6/20/17, 11:30:46 PM] Goddess Jessica: you mess of a boy
[6/20/17, 11:32:18 PM] : I love you Goddess
[6/20/17, 11:32:48 PM] : I need you in my life and I’m lost without you
[6/20/17, 11:35:38 PM] Goddess Jessica: I know that
[6/20/17, 11:35:48 PM] Goddess Jessica: How much longer is your vacation?
[6/20/17, 11:36:13 PM] : Sunday I get back
[6/20/17, 11:37:44 PM] Goddess Jessica: tomorrow
[6/20/17, 11:37:47 PM] Goddess Jessica: I’ll be on cam
[6/20/17, 11:37:55 PM] Goddess Jessica: somewhere around noon
[6/20/17, 11:37:59 PM] Goddess Jessica: CO time
[6/20/17, 11:38:08 PM] : I’ll be in the car
[6/20/17, 11:38:23 PM] : With gf whole day really tbh
[6/20/17, 11:39:02 PM] : Maybe send me some pics that I can sneak away and jerk to
[6/20/17, 11:39:13 PM] : In the shower or something I dunno
[6/20/17, 11:40:53 PM] : I dunno I just like submitting to u
[6/20/17, 11:40:54 PM] Goddess Jessica: lol
[6/20/17, 11:41:03 PM] Goddess Jessica: What does she think you’re doing when you’re on the phone?
[6/20/17, 11:41:32 PM] : Uhh it’s a good question she’s asleep rn
[6/20/17, 11:42:09 PM] : She prob thinks I jerk off a lot. But doesn’t realize the findom submissive part of it
[6/20/17, 11:42:58 PM] : I also am not on my phone constantly I just spam out a msg then put it away
[6/20/17, 11:45:26 PM] Goddess Jessica: I see
[6/20/17, 11:46:10 PM] : It’s not
[6/20/17, 11:46:38 PM] : Are you happy with me or annoyed
[6/20/17, 11:47:20 PM] : Like did u want me to tribute for your attention or u just being polite and want to go to sleep
[6/20/17, 11:53:11 PM] : Also yea I’m serious about the visit stuff
[6/20/17, 11:53:24 PM] Goddess Jessica: I’m just being polite
[6/20/17, 11:53:25 PM] : I feel like that’s what you want me to do
[6/20/17, 11:53:28 PM] Goddess Jessica: I’m all about manners
[6/20/17, 11:53:39 PM] Goddess Jessica: I went to manners school so just trying to use my manners education
[6/20/17, 11:53:44 PM] Goddess Jessica: Please and thank you
[6/20/17, 11:54:19 PM] Goddess Jessica: I liked your tribute
[6/20/17, 11:54:23 PM] Goddess Jessica: it got my attention
[6/20/17, 11:54:28 PM] Goddess Jessica: I’m in bed looking at reddit
[6/20/17, 11:54:29 PM] Goddess Jessica: naked
[6/20/17, 11:54:32 PM] Goddess Jessica: until I get tired
[6/20/17, 11:54:36 PM] Goddess Jessica: and then I will pass out naked
[6/20/17, 11:54:47 PM] Goddess Jessica: and wake up to another day of being a god damn Goddess
[6/20/17, 11:54:58 PM] Goddess Jessica: with impeccable manners
[6/20/17, 11:55:22 PM] : I want to be in chastity for you and do work for you
[6/20/17, 11:55:25 PM] Goddess Jessica: good
[6/20/17, 11:55:28 PM] Goddess Jessica: get the bird cage
[6/20/17, 11:55:36 PM] Goddess Jessica: and what skills do you have that could be useful to me
[6/20/17, 11:55:37 PM] Goddess Jessica: ?
[6/20/17, 11:55:49 PM] : I’m a ———
[6/20/17, 11:55:53 PM] Goddess Jessica: I tend to just go with the most competent slave that responds to my task emails the quickest
[6/20/17, 11:56:28 PM] : I could —— ——  ———-
[6/20/17, 11:56:46 PM] : Also I can visit and do house work for you
[6/20/17, 11:57:02 PM] : You could film me doing whatever you want
[6/20/17, 11:57:25 PM] : You could fuck me in the ass and film it if you want
[6/20/17, 11:57:48 PM] : I’d like to wear a mask but that’s about it
[6/20/17, 11:59:06 PM] : I mean I really don’t want to get fucked in the ass but for you I’d try it
[6/20/17, 11:59:23 PM] : The housework stuff I’m fine with doing
[6/21/17, 12:00:18 AM] Goddess Jessica: and you’re going to wear a dog shock collar
[6/21/17, 12:00:36 AM] : Ok
[6/21/17, 12:00:38 AM] Goddess Jessica: and you’re going to wear a french maid costume
[6/21/17, 12:00:43 AM] Goddess Jessica: because that’s the house rules
[6/21/17, 12:00:57 AM] Goddess Jessica: as far as chastity get a silicone one or the bird cage
[6/21/17, 12:01:02 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:01:30 AM] Goddess Jessica: Remember when it was a struggle for you to even say “Yes Goddess” to me on cam?
[6/21/17, 12:01:43 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:01:49 AM] Goddess Jessica: Look at you now
[6/21/17, 12:02:15 AM] : It feels good to be here
[6/21/17, 12:02:30 AM] : This feels like what I was meant to do
[6/21/17, 12:03:18 AM] Goddess Jessica: It is
[6/21/17, 12:03:22 AM] : I’m so happy you’ve taken me under your control and guided me here
[6/21/17, 12:03:50 AM] Goddess Jessica: Yeah, you’re pretty lucky you decided to do that cash meet with me in New York
[6/21/17, 12:03:55 AM] : Can I send more money I want to be in debt for you
[6/21/17, 12:04:08 AM] : I want to give you everything I can
[6/21/17, 12:04:41 AM] Goddess Jessica: You pretty much exist just to make me happy.
[6/21/17, 12:04:48 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:04:50 AM] Goddess Jessica: Isn’t that right?
[6/21/17, 12:04:53 AM] Goddess Jessica: Yeah ;)
[6/21/17, 12:05:15 AM] : What can I do for you Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:05:49 AM] : Please guide me
[6/21/17, 12:06:33 AM] : I’m ready
[6/21/17, 12:07:00 AM] Goddess Jessica: You can go be in debt for me
[6/21/17, 12:07:11 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:07:12 AM] Goddess Jessica: 15196748-20160506-140912.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:07:13 AM] Goddess Jessica: 11361319-20160322-1283211959.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:07:17 AM] Goddess Jessica: and look at these pictures
[6/21/17, 12:07:30 AM] : Thank you
[6/21/17, 12:07:31 AM] Goddess Jessica: 25741355-Photo-on-5-6-16-at-9.46-PM.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:07:32 AM] Goddess Jessica: 20170220-442303294.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:07:34 AM] Goddess Jessica: 27616992-201607091492670511.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:07:55 AM] : Oh my god
[6/21/17, 12:07:57 AM] Goddess Jessica: 56745247-20160620-573195543.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:07:58 AM] Goddess Jessica: 62368799-20160707-690926320.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:08:28 AM] Goddess Jessica: Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.07.02 PM.png
[6/21/17, 12:08:29 AM] Goddess Jessica: 20170405728590207.jpg
[6/21/17, 12:10:47 AM] : Ugh I literally came in my shorts
[6/21/17, 12:11:08 AM] : Just depositing money into iwc to send
[6/21/17, 12:12:28 AM] : My whole body is shaking
[6/21/17, 12:12:48 AM] : I’ll send what I deposited bc I guess it’s the appropriate thing to do
[6/21/17, 12:12:57 AM] Goddess Jessica: You literally came in your pants?
[6/21/17, 12:13:07 AM] : Like the song
[6/21/17, 12:13:15 AM] : Literally
[6/21/17, 12:13:22 AM] : I mean boxers but whatever
[6/21/17, 12:14:17 AM] : Also now that I’m soberish can I just say I was being serious about the debt stuff anddddddd I probably can’t pay you more till my next paycheck
[6/21/17, 12:14:28 AM] Goddess Jessica: okay
[6/21/17, 12:14:31 AM] Goddess Jessica: See you soon
[6/21/17, 12:14:38 AM] Goddess Jessica: better go clean yourself up….
[6/21/17, 12:14:39 AM] Goddess Jessica: :D
Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.05.45 AM
[6/21/17, 12:16:45 AM] : Yea, I sent the tribute
[6/21/17, 12:16:57 AM] : Keep the change ya filthy animal
[6/21/17, 12:17:32 AM] : That’s a home alone reference and not me being an asshole, btw
[6/21/17, 12:17:35 AM] : Alrighty gn
[6/21/17, 12:17:47 AM] Goddess Jessica: I know what it is
[6/21/17, 12:17:54 AM] Goddess Jessica: I have a christmas sweater that says that
[6/21/17, 12:19:04 AM] : Oooo right I think I jerked off to a pic of u in that before
[6/21/17, 12:22:38 AM] : Goodnight thanks again for everything
[6/21/17, 12:24:42 AM] : Err also I just wanna say I’ve been compulsively masterbating for years and never done a findom thing after I’ve cum before until now, like previously I woulda hoarded that money and tried to use it for future cam or clips or whatever
[6/21/17, 12:25:24 AM] : So I dunno take that for whatever it’s worth in terms of me being real and honest in trying to serve and submit to you
[6/21/17, 12:25:34 AM] Goddess Jessica: I’m taking it all in
[6/21/17, 12:25:36 AM] Goddess Jessica: like a sponge
[6/21/17, 12:25:52 AM] : Spongeworthy
[6/21/17, 12:26:09 AM] : Alrighty
[6/21/17, 12:26:15 AM] : Night
[6/21/17, 12:26:21 AM] Goddess Jessica: You’re going to be looking at those pics all day tomorrow
[6/21/17, 12:26:26 AM] Goddess Jessica: alllll day
[6/21/17, 12:26:31 AM] Goddess Jessica: just scrolling through
[6/21/17, 12:26:34 AM] : Do you want me to
[6/21/17, 12:26:34 AM] Goddess Jessica: one by one
[6/21/17, 12:26:42 AM] Goddess Jessica: Of course I want you to
[6/21/17, 12:26:46 AM] Goddess Jessica: they are fucking hot
[6/21/17, 12:26:52 AM] Goddess Jessica: I want you to pour over them
[6/21/17, 12:26:52 AM] : Yea
[6/21/17, 12:27:00 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:27:09 AM] : I will I promise
[6/21/17, 12:27:09 AM] Goddess Jessica: You will definitely text me tomorrow
[6/21/17, 12:29:22 AM] Goddess Jessica: I want you to be in touch with me often
[6/21/17, 12:29:30 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:29:44 AM] : I want to of course
[6/21/17, 12:30:18 AM] Goddess Jessica: “-I expect you to check in with me a few times a week, this can be done via skype, email or twitter. Something as simple at ” Hey Goddess” works. I just want to know you’re around.”
[6/21/17, 12:30:29 AM] : Yes Goddess
[6/21/17, 12:31:55 AM] : I’ll make a twtr now
[6/21/17, 12:33:23 AM] : Thank you so much
[6/21/17, 12:34:13 AM] Goddess Jessica: Tell your GF you guys are eating McDonalds tomorrow
[6/21/17, 12:34:14 AM] Goddess Jessica: haha
[6/21/17, 12:34:33 AM] Goddess Jessica: Sorry honey, this trip has taken a budget cut
[6/21/17, 12:38:26 AM] : Lol
[6/21/17, 12:38:51 AM] : Alright real talk I’m fuxking delirious and I’m going to
[6/21/17, 1:10:19 AM] : I haven’t been able to sleep I’ve just been looking at your photos
[6/21/17, 1:11:33 AM] : The bike one and the one of your face and light yellow top are my favorite so far
[6/21/17, 1:19:56 AM] Goddess Jessica:
[6/21/17, 1:20:08 AM] Goddess Jessica: I took that selfie right before filming this clip
[6/21/17, 1:34:35 AM] : I sent some tweets
[6/21/17, 1:34:55 AM] : Felt good actually articulating my feelings

NYC Birthday Trip

Lindsey and I are known for our month long birthday sprees. This April it was my turn, although, as I type this I’m on a plane headed to Europe for yet another birthday vacation…. Even though it’s May. Oops! Slave R had been begging me to go to NYC so he could meet me. He tirelessly searched through the photos and amenities list of every suite in NYC until he found the perfect one and I immediately approved. We stayed in a lavish three story penthouse at the W in NYC which cost Slave R a handsome $5k. We had the entire floor to ourselves along with two sundecks. I love the W and this one did not disappoint. Slave R was beyond happy to make us as comfortable and as spoiled as possible.


Also eager to meet me was a slave who I arranged to Chauffeur us around, whom I’ve appropriately named, Chauffeur slave. He had emailed me a few months before when I announced my NYC trip on twitter, offering to drive us girls around. I often have slaves offer to be a tour guide or a chauffeur and I never take them up on those offers unless they pay handsomely on top of it, which he did. He tributed $1000 for the honor and in addition I told him to stock his vehicle full of beverages such as champagne, Fiji water, Grey Goose and iced coffees.

Lindsey, Jenny (our stylist) and I all arrived at JFK to see a small man in a suit and a driver’s cap holding a big sign that read “The Almighty Jessica and Lindsey,” along with 3 bouquets of lilies, my favorite flower. We laughed and pointed at him with glee, snatched the flowers from him and then posed for a picture. Men are our servants wherever we go, he obediently kissed our boots and then whisked our checked bags off the belt. He walked quickly while hauling our bags to his car, (Goddesses are impatient and important) and packed them up carefully as to not damage our lovely luggage! Everything I asked for and more was waiting in the car for us, what a good little slave boy! He drove us to our hotel using the best route and then unpacked our bags into our walk-in closets. Who needs a bell hop when you brought your own slave? Shortly after arriving, we were relaxing on the couch when we received a knock at our door. The staff had brought us several bottles of champagne that were sent up from a different slave as a birthday treat! We had him pour us three glasses and put our beautiful flowers into a vase.

Throughout the weekend we had several slaves come to session. Some were long time fans who we’ve met before, some were brand new, but all of them were shaking as we opened the door.

“Real Time” Session with Jessica and Lindsey
Published May 1, 2017
Cum Eating, Double Domination
After all these years you finally decide to suck it up and schedule a real time session with Goddess Jessica and Lindsey Leigh. You have no idea what to expect. You pay your deposit and then nervously refresh our twitter pages until we summon you to our posh NYC hotel. You’re sweating and shaking on the elevator ride up to the penthouse suite. Your heart is in your throat, knuckles white as they grip the giant wad of ca$h in your hand. You step out of the elevator to knock on our the door. You have no idea what to expect and it’s too late to turn away.

Lindsey had a meek little slave who just muttered “I love you Lindsey, I love you” as we ripped off his glasses and degraded him while laughing, forcing him to the floor still singing her praises. He begged to come back the next day. One slave had contacted us months before and he was so annoying that we both blocked him. Suddenly a few days before the trip we both received large tributes from him and decided he could come by. We were so harsh to him for being SO annoying and need that he was terrified to actually show up. He must have asked us 10 times each EXACTLY what we were going to do to him. First he begged us to kick him in the balls and then begged us not to. Then he begged to see both of us and then begged to see just me, too scared of being ganged up on. We had a plan in mind for him, of course, a perfect session, short and sweet, tailored just for an annoying little slave who needed to be put in his place.

The messages I received from him through KIK an hour before he showed up sounded like he was having a panic attack. I was actually worried he would raise suspicion from the front desk, why is a trembling, sweating man on the verge of passing out asking to come up to the penthouse? I told him to go get a drink at the bar until he could relax. He told me he couldn’t relax so I told him not to come, we weren’t interested in talking him out of a panic attack and certainly weren’t going to assure him that everything was going to be fine. Finally, we headed to the bar across the street and told him to meet us there, a handshake and then he could wait back on the street for us to finish our drinks. He was also even too intimidated to do that. I wasted ten more minutes of my time ordering him to come into the bar until I lost interest and gave up on him. Lindsey and I chatted and relaxed for a while, completely forgetting about him. Suddenly, a young, relatively good looking, tall and surprisingly fit man came slinking into the bar, eyes darting all over the place until they landed on us. He scooted over to us, gave us a half ass hand shake while we laughed and he quivered in fear while looking at the floor. I told him to wait outside for us.

Once in our suite he seemed to calm down just a tad, which was stupid because we planned nothing but pain and humiliation for him! We giddily threatened to give him one good, swift kick to the balls that would probably leave him unable to ever pass his shitty, annoying genes along to another innocent human. He whimpered and begged us not to, it was even more fun knowing how terrified he was. We ordered him to strip naked, which he did. We ordered him to put his boxer briefs over his face, which he did. I locked his arms behind his back while Lindsey spoke in great detail about the pain that was about to wash over him and linger for a very long time.

As he anticipated this grand dropkick to his balls and tried to squirm to get away we savored the cognitive dissonance that was clearly taking place in his mind. He was beyond terrified of the pain that was surely about to come, but still obediently staying where I was holding him. He could put on his clothes and walk out of our suite, he could avoid the kick. I had his arms held behind him in a painful lock, but I wasn’t going to fight him. He stayed put and awaited his pain, rightfully earned as we told him. We laughed, we counted down to the kick. Lindsey got a running start and stopped right as the countdown ended. We counted again, he was sweating bullets now, still pleading. When we got to “one” she gave his balls just a tap with the tip of her boot, he yowled, expecting the worst. When we got bored of the psychological torture we let him slink to the floor, defeated, and then we told him it was time to leave. Of course he’s been blowing up my email ever since…

Another slave that stopped by was one that I had talked to regularly on niteflirt. We used to cam pretty regularly until he mildly irritated me one day and I blocked him and completely forgot about him. I met him in NYC about 6 months ago for a cash meet TOTALLY ignorant that it was him. Before we met I made him pay a deposit to be sure I wasn’t wasting my time standing around. I left my friends at a bar and walked across the street to an ATM to meet him. “I’ve already went to the ATM, I have the cash for you,” he said while handing me $500 in 20’s. Wonderful! But we’re at the ATM though. Bust out that card, I’ll do all the button pushing! I took another $500 from him and skipped right back to the bar where my friends had a drink waiting for me. Fast forward to my NYC birthday trip, He was ready for a big boy session and since then I realized who he was. No hard feelings. I told him to bring me a nice bottle of bourbon for my birthday, he did. I had him lay on the couch while I hypnotized him, a nice little Goddess Worship/Love Addiction script that seemed to really do a number on him since he showed up the next day for more. After I left he begged me on KIK not to talk to him anymore, “I spent two thousand dollars on you this weekend, that’s crazy.” Guess who’s been KIK’ing me every day ever since? Guess who’s been sending me lots of gifts and tributes? Guess who wonders when I’ll be back in NYC? That’s right.

Yet another slave, a NYC regular of Lindsey’s, snuck away from his wife to see her “One last time.” He dropped to his knees when he saw her, and confessed his love for her. Apparently once he took her shopping with his wifey’s credit card and bought her some Louboutin shoes and a Macbook. She didn’t forget, she told him as he stared into his eyes and she stared into his wallet. He brought lots of cash of course, all for her, none for wifey. And I’m totally sure he’ll never stray away from his wife again. I bet this 23rd session was really the last. Goodbye forever!

But my favorite little slave boy of them all was Chauffeur slave, driving us around every day, constantly running errands. He brought us my favorite coffee everyday, he brought my boots to be shined, he drove us everywhere, he ran to the liquor store for us, to the ATM. One night, we all went out with a girlfriend who had just moved from Colorado to NYC. Chauffeur slave wore his driving gloves, his cap and his suit. We started the night at a Cuban restaurant. He waited in the car right in front of the restaurant, eager and ready to be summoned. Our conversation was lighthearted and normal, just catching up besides the slave who popped in for a cash meet. On my last NYC trip I left the dinner table mid meal at a restaurant in the Whitney museum to meet him just outside so he could hand me $300. And now he was back… with a measly $100. He meekly started to hand it over to me when Lindsey had him put it in his mouth like a dog and give it to us. I then had him kiss my boots in front of the whole restaurant while we all laughed and our friend looked a little perplexed. We resumed our conversation as if nothing had happened when he sent me a message on KIK, “Goddess, do you need anything else?” I know what that means. Time to collect. I told him to grab a pack of cigarettes for Jenny and then come back with another $100, which he did in a surprisingly timely manor. We stopped our conversation to collect and then sent him on his way. The next day he paid for a full blown $1k session with me and has been a little bit obsessed with me ever since, naturally. When we were done with our meal and ready to move on to the next spot, I sent a message to Chauffeur slave, “Come in here with your credit card.”

I swear it was as if he instantly teleported right in front of me, card in the palm of his hand, extended towards me. We had him pay the $200 bill and then we went off again! We Enjoyed some beverages in his car as we decided where we would go next. All night long we were four little hotties, soaking up all the attention everywhere we went and enjoying more handcrafted cocktails pushed our way than we could drink. It was GIRLS NIGHT OUT and our handbags might as well have had a “NO EXIT” sign on them. Everything we wanted was paid for and cash only entered our hands. Just as it should be! Each time we wanted our tab payed I summoned chauffeur boy. He dropped off our friend to her apartment and then he brought us home somewhere around 3am. The next night I received a phone call, it was a woman with a beautiful voice singing the entire rendition of “Happy Birthday” by Marilyn Monroe. As she sang, I ran down my list of girlfriends, I couldn’t figure out who it was! To my utter delight it turns out it was the amazing Anastasia who had stopped into NYC during her tour! We ended up going out all night with her lovely friends and at the end of the night she was driven home by slave boy somewhere around 3am… again. Oopsie! He only got a few hours of sleep per night, which was fine with him, he just loved being useful.

About a month later, Chauffeur slave came to Denver to serve me for two days.

Chauffeur Slave Comes To Denver
Published Apr 29, 2017
Goddess Worship, Slave Training
This clip is similar to Chauffeur slave first met me in NYC. He paid $1k+ to drive me and my friends all over the city whenever we summoned him. Shortly after he booked a trip to Denver just to clean my house for the weekend. Just today he booked a second trip to Denver to do it again, what can I say? I’m a serious addiction.

Right now Lindsey and I are on our way to Amsterdam, Berlin and Sicily with my slave M. So besides NYC and Austin, this is my last birthday vacation until next year. We met slave M this morning at Elway’s in the Denver AirPort. He quietly sipped an espresso and kept himself busy on his phone as we enjoyed a nice breakfast. He paid the bill as soon as it was dropped and we are off to a nice start! Stay tuned for the blog on this Euro trip, which is fully booked already! Cash meets only! See you later, byeeeee!


For years now I’ve been getting requests to travel to Dubai.  I’ve slowly been collecting Dubai based slaves until finally I had enough to make it worth the trip.  I had one slave buy a roundtrip flight for Lindsey and myself, as you all know we travel together and are almost literally inseparable.  I had another slave arrange a driver for us as well as a three bedroom suite for the week.  Leave it to me to arrange a completely paid for, all inclusive romantic vacation for two to Dubai several months in advance! We are always taken care of, no matter where we are in the world.
Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.05.48 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.14.08 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.14.02 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.13.53 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.13.44 PMC5USUBSWAAUDptz
 Of course the whole week was filled with luxurious exploits! We wined and dined at the most exclusive and luxurious restaurants, including Nobu at the Atlantis on the Palm Island and Nasarat where Salt Bae works.  We shopped gorgeous marble malls with the most breath taking architecture, visited the most popular destinations and buildings Dubai had to offer, and ran up tabs using slave’s wallets. Our lives are paid by your dirty little FemDom addiction and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Immediately upon landing in Dubai, we had a male chauffeur waiting for us with a personal car and flowers sent by the slave who paid for him. We love a slave who knows how to spend good money on welcoming his Goddesses. Immediately upon seeing us, the chauffeurs jaw dropped. He kept asking in his broken english if we were models and couldn’t resist praising our beauty every time he glanced into the rear view mirror. This soon became our standard everywhere we went on the trip.
20170222-1767512450 20170226_063808
We then met up with my slave at the hotel, who immediately had more flowers waiting and instantly fell victim to our spell. What a pathetic little fuck this one was! He had the audacity to try and slink more foot kisses from us, so naturally we returned his desperate call for affection with insults…just as it should be. You slaves can never get enough humiliation from us. What a gift, what a blessing, it would be for you to have the honor of us acknowledging your existence with insults and cuts of the tongue.
Our honeymoon suite was exactly as you’d guess it to be- very sizable, very fabulous, and perfect for two spoiled brats like us! Three bedrooms, four baths, and a fully stocked kitchen sitting between two balconies, overlooking the vibrant waves of the marina to the North, and the intricacies of the Temple’s Holy structure to the South. So much untapped splendor waiting for us to indulge, all thanks to one obedient little slave’s deep longing and deeper supply of our money to spend because after all, it has always been our money rather than his.  We easily convinced him to pay for and arrange for us to go on a desert safari later in the week… we always, always get what we want.
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Another slave with a scheduled session, who had paid $1000 in advance, expressed too much fear to interact with us in the flesh EVEN THOUGH HE FLEW TO DUBAI JUST FOR US AND CHECKED INTO OUR HOTEL FOR TWO DAYS.  We had to make him useful somehow though, we had him send $500 worth of liquor to our room and then I had him book us a helicopter tour over Palm Island. For being such a bitch boy, he sure did know how to gift us appropriately.  One night we made hotel slave bring us out to a beautiful meal overlooking the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

This is where we furthered our slaves harassment when we learned that he did not drink and proceeded to force him to drink as we heckled him about how sad and inebriated he became.  He first refused our request for him to bark in the restaurant- what an idiot. Of course we got what we wanted and by the end of the dinner, the surrounding tables were looking at our dog man at the table. His cock was hard under the table and we alternated hitting him hard in the sack as he tried to keep his yelps of pain quiet.
He ended the night with Lindsey’s disgusting, sweaty airplane socks being rubbed into face and mouth! Her socks were so worn, I could even smell them from the other side of the couch. I know you’re jerking your cock just thinking about how envious you are. Imagine looking into my taunting eyes as you taste Lindsey’s socks at the back of your throat.
The next day, it was time to shop. Dubai has several very large and expensive malls- perfect for slaves to spend time spoiling us and we wasted no time with that! I fell instantly in love with the huge fountain, rimmed with gold and filled with crystal clear water. We loved the priceless pieces of artwork that surrounded us, perfect for admiring between picking out authentic, slave purchased clothing and accessories. We finished our shopping spree with a visit to Hard Rock (the only establishment near us serving alcohol at noon) where we enjoyed eight expensive cocktails in addition to the free shots the bartender gave us as a token of his admiration for us.
The slave session we had that night was one for the books! You should have seen how pitiful this slave fuck looked as he crawled across our hotel floor between Lindsey and I, kissing my feet and licking the bottom of hers, tasting between her toes as we both spat on him. He was begging to drink our piss, to kiss our feet, to do whatever it took to be in our presence one second longer. After forcing him to jerk off but not cum, we sent him away to sleep in the laundry room as our two spare rooms laid vacant, draining his account on purchasing every one of our clips.
The next day we went to one of the many, many extravagant malls sprinkled all over Dubai to get our nails done.  Next we took a stroll to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. This is where we learned that Dubai has a lot of very different and odd ice cream flavors! We tried the ones that sounded appealing and were delighted at how surprisingly tasty they were.  We took ourselves to an absolutely gorgeous aquarium at the Atlantis, as well as Nobu for an expensive dinner, which one of my slaves covered as soon as I tweeted the $349 bill (
 Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.37.11 PM Marine-Life-Park atlantis-the-palm-dubai-39195836-1476719113-WideInspirationalPhoto1170


After another day and night of being spoiled endlessly, wined, and dined our jet-lag began to set in! Goddess Jessica and I woke up at 2AM so we ordered the scared bitch slave to send up room service and drinks while we discovered our new favorite tv show, ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, which is quite fitting for us, now isn’t it? We rested the next day and pampered ourselves before heading to a romantic dinner with just us two, and walking around Burj Khalifa at night to lose ourselves amongst the starry lights lined roads, into the excitement and glamour of various light shows.
The next two days were full of adventure and expeditions courtesy of our slaves! We went on a ATV Safari through the sand dunes, where there were so many herds of camels. Luckily, we stopped at a gas station beforehand and a man bought us turbans to protect our gorgeous hair from the waves of sand! Don’t we look so cute in our outfits? Next we went on a helicopter tour over the Palm that I had scardey cat slave book for us.  The helicopter tour was the highlight of my trip, I remember when I first the man-made Palm island existed, it didn’t seem possible but I knew that one day I would go see it for myself!
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.12.12 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.10.38 PM
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On our last day we relaxed, smoked shisha and dined on the freshest of seafood at the Jumeirah Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah with our cute friend who flew in from Mykonos just to see us.
Just Goddess life as usual! We love nothing more than an all inclusive, slave booked trip! Your Goddess should never have to pay for vacations. We want to see the world through your wallet, so book us both a trip to your destination. Keep up with my travel schedule on Instagram and Twitter, you never know if your country will be next.

Next up is another Euro trip.  My Slave M has booked for Lindsey and I, Sicily, Berlin and Amsterdam this upcoming May!  He will be traveling with us to serve us and pay for whatever we want, but we will still be making room for sessions in between.  Email me to book, $1k minimum.  Sessions are 1 hour, even more depending on how much fun we have with you and how much we can drain out of you once we’ve got you in our undeniable grip ;)  If you cannot afford $1k, you can always meet us to hand us cash and then fuck off.  Your best bet is to EMAIL us or KIK us, when on vacation we will not be on skype and we do not respond to slaves on twitter.  Our KIK ID’s can be found on and  We are also always open to extending our trip, if you want to fly us out to you after Berlin and we decide it’s a place worth going to you can buy us flights and a hotel for our stay.

Divinegoddessjessica (at)
Mylindseyleigh (at)

Amsterdam May 2nd-7th
Sicily May 7th-12th
Berlin May 12th-15th
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