How To Be a Good Slave
A Practical Guide To Amazon For The Common Slave
Dick Pic Free-For-All!
The “Pudgy Piggy Program”
On Humiliation
Making Moola
How To make most of your Service
The Pros and Cons of Chastity

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How To Be a Good Slave

I am not asked this question nearly enough.  A slave should have a longing to go above and beyond to earn his Dommes attention.  He should want to please her in any way humanly possible, give as much as he can without being a nuisance.  I have several long term slaves who I have never had to punish (and sometimes I go out of my way to find a reason.)  These slaves have adhered the following guidelines without ever having known of their existence.  Any slave who wishes to be in my good graces would be a fool not to do the same.
This is your sole purpose, your duty, your responsibility. I shouldn’t need to remind you to do it and I almost never do. If you notice you’re being starved of attention lately, it’s probably because you haven’t done anything to deserve it. You know how to get my attention.
My wishlist is usually reserved for fly-bys. My owned slaves should be sending me cash tributes; I have enough “things” as it is. “Things” can’t be used to pay for plane tickets and vacations. I DO, however, appreciate gifts bought for me just because you were thinking of me, because it had a special meaning, or because I stated in the description that I needed it ASAP. Do not exclusively buy wishlist gifts as a means of tribute.
It’s the little gestures that most show me that you’re committed. I have a slave who sends me an ecard every time he tributes to thank me, one who sends a card in the mail on anniversaries, I have another slave who says his goodbye for the night with a paragraph thanking me for being me, listing my qualities that he most admires. Some put themselves in charge of paying for my hair appointments, cell phone bill, or mani/pedi’s every month.

I appreciate poetry, artwork, random pictures. Do something to show me you were thinking of me. Surprises prove that you’re paying attention, you’re thinking of me, and you’re trying to please. Humor me, indulge me. You’ll be thankful for it.

Learn everything you possibly can about me: Google me, read all my blogs, read my Domme Dose pieces. I write these things for YOU to read. Nothing drives me bucking fonkers like being asked a stupid question that could have been learned by just skimming my website first.

Be useful
The last thing you want to be is dead weight. If you’re going to be taking up my time, make yourself useful to me in any way that you can. Do you have any skills, talents, or tools to aid me in certain areas? Graphic design work, photo editing, website help. Maybe you’re a travel agent, or you work at a place with great fringe benefits and can hook me up, etc.

Scour the internet for pirated videos of me that have been uploaded to free clip sites, look for fake profiles of me with stolen pictures that have been made on kink sites. Report them and then send the links to me in an email.

Make sure all of my gifs are working, tell me if you see any spelling/grammatical errors anywhere. Did I forget to set my blog/YouTube video to private? Let me know right away.

I sometimes have menial little tasks I don’t feel like doing; ask me if there is anything I need.

Rate every single video you buy. Rate every single niteflirt call you make. Re-tweet me, advertise for me on websites and forums.

Do you have a creative idea for me? A new humiliation method, a clip idea, an article, an addition to my website, a new means of advertising? Let me know.

DO NOT ask me permission for stupid things, like permission to call me on niteflirt, to buy my videos, or to go to the bathroom. My videos are available for the public to buy. What makes you think I would discourage you from buying my videos? If my niteflirt line says I’m available, than by god, it looks like I’m available after all. If you think I’m going to control every tiny aspect of your life, then think again. My time is precious.

Do not annoy me with your sob stories. Do not complain to me about your life.  I don’t care, talk to your fucking therapist.  Do you think I want to wallow in your negative energy with you? I’d rather shit in my hands and clap.

Be obedient
Pay attention, god dammit!

If I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it immediately. You say you’re devoted to me, so then why do you brush it off until tomorrow? Staying up late to get something done for me even though you’re tired is just another way to prove your devotion to me. I don’t want to hear any whining/bitching/crying, ever.

DO expect punishments when you have not carried out a task. You are nothing more than a tool. You work for ME. Fuck ups don’t go unnoticed.

Do NOT bash other Dommes, do NOT spam Twitter sites in my name, do NOT slut around. You are MY slave; you are representing ME. If you don’t have manners, I will beat them into you.

If something is really bothering you, or I said I would do something and I haven’t done it, there is a polite way you can bring it up. I am fine with being politely reminded, not nagged. I am constantly multitasking and tend to forget things easily. Communicate with me; don’t expect me to read your mind.

If you’re a sissy, I want you to be PRETTY for me, shave EVERYTHING, slap on a little makeup before we get on cam. Don’t be a slob. Slobs get punished; dolled-up sissies get praised. You’re my property – my personal project – and as such you should be well maintained.

If you’re in chastity, be ready for random chastity checks that could occur at any time.

Obedience is essential during cam sessions. If you have specific, reasonable limits that you let me know about beforehand, I won’t push them. Do expect intense team viewer/ humiliation sessions. The more obedient you are, the more fun I’ll have. The more fun you are to session with, the more likely I am to session with you again and I might even draw the session out longer. Steer the session by making polite suggestions, not demands.

I’ve mentioned a thousand times that I only participate in CONSENSUAL blackmail and that is so very rare as it is. I will not record you or take photos of you without your knowledge, and I certainly won’t post them anywhere without asking you first. I do not want to scare away a good slave.
Do not argue with me – ever. If I say something is so, it is so. Arguing with me will only irritate me. To be devoted to me is to accept my word without question. I don’t deal with whiny slaves that try to dispute me or tell me I misunderstood them. It’s not worth the risk of my eyeballs rolling out of my head

Check in with me
The day we go over your application, I tell each and every one of you to check in with me a couple times a week and I mean it. Whether that is through Twitter, YIM or email, I don’t care. It matters not if you’re away on a business trip, with your gf, etc. You can take 5 seconds to shoot me a message, no exceptions. If you go a week without contacting me, I write you off as a deserter. Expect to pay for it when you come crawling back, begging for forgiveness.

When chatting on YIM, understand that I am usually in multiple conversations, and I may be in a session or on a niteflirt call. Do wait patiently for me to respond. If my status is “away,” it’s for a reason.  I am online often, by having my Skype or YIM ID you have the honor of spending a lot of 1 on 1 time with me that others can only dream of having.  My favorite slaves have earned the privilege of getting my KIK ID, this means that they are in constant contact with me.   They receive exclusive pics, special tasks and can get in touch with me immediately since they can access me via my personal cell phone which is on me at all times, no matter where I am.  Strive to be on this list.

All slaves must recite the following worship mantra, once a day, three times, while kneeling and worshiping the photos below (click them to enlarge). Get to it:


“Goddess Jessica, i kneel before you and give thanks for all that You are, Your beauty, Your intelligence, and Your perfections. i hope that i will be able to be part of Your world, and i accept that it is only through my GIVING and SERVICE that will allow me to be a part of it. i kneel in hope that one day my tributes and gifts will put a smile on Your divine face and that i will learn to push myself and make sacrifices for Your needs and wants. i understand that if i do not give tribute to You Goddess that there are many better slaves to take my place. i will strive to ensure that day never comes.”

 A Practical Guide To Amazon For The Common Slave

Cefo_r9WIAIw1JQScreen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.02.02 PM


It just occurred to me how fun it must be for you lowly slaves to purchase items off of your Dommes wishlist. One of my slaves recently suggested that he purchase an item off of Mistress B’s wishlist as a gesture of good faith. Sure, why not? But I wanted to pick the item. As I cruised through her list I saw all kinds of goodies. “Maybe you should get her these false eyelashes, she can use them for clips. Ohh, wait, no, get her the set of erotica books, that’s Domme Dose article inspiration. Wait, wait. Get her this corset, that is hot!” Now don’t get me wrong, cash is sexy. I love a nice, solid tribute and I already have enough “things.” To me (and I assume to most other Dommes), an amazon gift NEVER, ever constitutes as a tribute but random prezzies are fun and a good way to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How lucky are you guys that you get to shop through our wishlists, get to know what we like, our taste in shoes, a sneak peak into what clips we might film next? You get to imagine what we might use the items for. Will we use that tight red dress in a clip? Maybe it’s for a date. Will we tweet a picture of it? Will it be used in a photo shoot? What will it look like against our skin, hugging our curves? We’ll probably rock it harder than the model who is displaying it. You actually get to see us use or wear items that YOU gift us with. How satisfying is that? I know that when I wore a Victoria’s Secret bikini that peeidiot bought for me on a beach photo shoot, his head almost exploded. That being said, learn how to use amazon and your money efficiently, save us all a headache and save yourself some trouble.

Amazon Prime is your friend

I am all about efficiency. I am not so pompous that I don’t bother with saving money and you CERTAINLY shouldn’t be!  If you can stretch a $100 gift into $125, so be it, more for me. I want it ALL. This is why you need to stop what you’re doing, and head straight to amazon to sign up for amazon mom. . By signing up for amazon mom you get free two day shipping on prime items. Prime items mean free two days shipping. Most of the items on my wishlist are prime, how convenient to you! I don’t have to tell you that shipping to Hawaii is a kick to the nuts, endure NO nut kicking by simply indulging in the benefits of amazon mom. Amazon mom give you three free months of prime benefits, at the end of the month it will automatically charge you $79 for a year long membership to amazon prime. You can either cancel and not be charged, OR let it go ahead and charge you since it will save you tons of money on shipping anyway. If you are a student with a .edu email address, you automatically get a FREE amazon prime subscription. No more bitching about being a broke ass college student, here is your break, right here.  

Use the AMERICAN amazon website

About once a month I have an international slave make the mistake of sending me a UK or german, or whatever gift card. You simply cannot do this to me. In order for me to use this gift card, I would have to make a new account with that country’s website. THEN it would ship from that specific country, shipping would be outrageous and it would be all banged up. What about the leftover money? It would sit in the account for eternity. You MUST use the American website.

Be Patient If It’s Your First Purchase

If it’s your first time making a purchase with your amazon account, or if it’s your first purchase with a new credit card, amazon will verify the transaction with your bank before it lets it go through. Don’t freak out asking me if I got every 5 minutes. It could take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. If you are impatient, go to Orders> My digital Orders> Check Status. It will say “status not yet sent” if they are verifying with your bank. Once it goes through it will say “sent” if it made it to my email or “redeemed” if I’ve used it.

Label Your Gift Card!

This drives me bucking fonkers. If you send me an anonymous gift card, how do I know it’s from you? I’ll get a gift card and all it will say is “someone sent you a gift card” and 3 days later someone will pop up and be like, “Yeah, I already sent you a gift card.” No, you didn’t. You need to fill out the To and From fields. Identify yourself, idiots. I get a lot of anonymous tributes sent to my email, usually intentionally, so yours will be lost unless you fill that card out properly. Using a cute card theme and including a meaningful message communicates to me how thoughtful and sincere you are. It’s the least important thing to consider on this list, but I notice.

Sort By Priority

Our wishlist is very convenient, you can sort by priority to separate things that we need with things that we want. If I have an event coming up and I need to pick up some things, I throw them on my wishlist with high priority. For example, I’m heading to San Francisco in October. It’s cold and I’ll need fall items, almost all of those items have been purchased for me already. Good boys! If nothing is listed as high priority, look for the item that says “only 1 left in stock.” If a wishlist item becomes unavailable, that means you have FAILED me. I wanted something and I didn’t get it. I am not accustomed to disappointment. That is simply not okay.

 Now you are an amazon pro! See how easy that was? Now get shopping. 

Also, About Those Boxes

I saw a twitter discussion about what a pain in the ass all those amazon boxes are to deal with, so I thought I would share a tip on what I personally do with them. I build a mega fort obviously. Nope, what I really do is stack them up in my garage until it’s just too much, then I post an ad for them in one of the many free sites you can utilize. People will reuse them for shipping or moving. The first person to contact me comes and picks them up, I don’t have to lift a finger. I also give them away to a local animal shelter that uses them to send people home with whatever accessories their new pet comes with. So this way I don’t have to do anything, and I don’t feel as guilty about all that material I am wasting by being a materialistic beotch.


Dick Pic Free-For-All!

It’s always dumbfounded me how women, those magical, unobtainable, intelligent, endlessly fascinating (except for soccer moms) creatures rarely expose their magnificent bodies, glorious in every size, shape and form. Meanwhile men are thrusting their ugly, deformed dick into every single corner of the universe. Like some kind of crazed child with a severe and undefeatable form of ADD, they desperately force everyone to experience a peek at their penis, not even the least bit ashamed that it’s only half erect, horribly wrinkled, with lint and dog hair hanging out of one of the many folds of excessive skin. HAVE YOU NO SHAME? You’re lurking on twitter, craigslist, cam chat sites, comment sections, basically every website in existence. On the internet, everyone is a flasher.

No one pays attention to you. They ignore it. They ignore you. You are beginning to think that your penis is invisible. You panic and spread your dick pics all over the fucking place, everywhere you can think of hoping that someone out there will respond. You are screaming inside, “SOMEONE NOTICE ME! PAY ATTENTION TO MY PENIS!” But no one cares; no one gives a single shit about your dick. It’s just one of a million ugly dicks floating around and no one gives it a fleeting thought. You are unremarkable and unmemorable in every respect, and so is your dick.

So let’s get this out of your system, if only for a few hours. I volunteer to be the sacrificial lamb by inviting you to tweet your ugly little dick pics to me all you want (you’re welcome ladies, I love ya right back). In a few days I will compile the photos and I will use them in a clip where I absolutely tear apart each and every photo so you can know once and for all societies opinion of your ding dong. For a few seconds, your wiener will be in the spotlight and you will get the attention you so crave. Tweeting me a pic is free and it WILL be included in the clip. You will buy and watch the resulting clip and endure me mercilessly criticizing your mangled wee wee stick, which will give you the peace and closure you need to move on with your pointless life.

Tweet Goddess Jessica now to get in on this clip! —>   

Be sure to tag me ( @jessurgoddess) and use this hashtag: #DickPicFree4All

The “Pudgy Piggy Program”

Did it ever occur to you that instead of being a fat lonely loser, you could just be a lonely loser?  And maybe if you weren’t so fat, you might be less lonely, and less of a loser.  You are fat and lazy.  End of story.  You NEED tough love, you need someone to force you to work out and eat right.  You need to be punished and fined for skipping your workouts or eating junk food.  Nothing has ever worked for you in the past, and that’s because you lack self discipline.

I will force, nag, fine and humiliate you into losing weight, I am EXACTLY what you’ve been needing all of these years.  Either one of two things is guaranteed to happen, either you’re going to drop a lot of weight over the course of three months, or I’m going to get really rich.  I’m satisfied either way.

Hefty Hypno- Using hypnosis I will teach you to ignore your cravings, or respond to them by doing something productive instead.  Using guided imagery, I will let you explore your fit, future body and show you what it feels like to be a woman exploring a lovers chiseled body, as opposed to a blubbery, sweaty mass.

Wideload Workouts-  You will either join a gym, or I’ll be enforcing at homeyoutube workouts (cam to cam).  You will prove your gym member ship to me, you will prove that you were at the gym each time that you go (2-4 times a week).  If I catch you in a lie, you’ll be fined.  If I find out you’ve been eating junk food, or you are cheating, you’ll be doing forced exercise sessions on cam with me.

Lardass Lessons-  I will teach you about nutrition, it was part of my studies in college so it’s not like just winging it.  I will give you a specific daily calorie goal, and show you your BMI.  Failure to adhere to the daily calorie goals will result in fines or forced exercise.

View the video and then contact me for more information:


 On Humiliation

image00-2 image03

Humiliation is not a very complex fetish, it is a fetish that is basic and primal. It’s about shame, it’s about being inhuman, it’s about shock and obscenity, it’s about putting on a show.

The subs that humiliate themselves on cam want my attention, they want me to see them at their lowest point. They want to be at my mercy. They delight in the crazy, nasty stunts that my twisted mind creates, always experimenting with new ways to push the limit.

Some of them have gone as far as they can go. They have done every despicable, obscene act in the book. Suddenly nothing phases them anymore, they have lost that shock factor and they are constantly craving for something more extreme. Being obscene is exciting. Will you get away with it? Did I record you? How will society react if they find out? To experience something obscene, you must feel shocked. When you are being humiliated, you are not human. Dr. Stoller, a psychoanalyst and expert on the dynamics of perversion has said, “ Recall how the meanings of obscenity over lap those of perversion, pornography, dirty and sin, conditions of sensual pleasure to which hatred (or violence, brutality, cruelty, shaming, insult, hostility, anger, aggression, dislike, teasing, jesting) has been added. And hatred? The desire to harm. Harm? To humiliate, debase, violate for revenge.” Do you see why that would appeal to the mind of a humiliation slut? Being used, abused, violated, manipulated, made fun of and insulted are the greatest fantasies of a submissive.

One person’s obscenity is another person’s jerk off material (is another person’s psychological research study.) I recently had a sub approach me about a clip featuring a slave performing a series of humiliating acts. I had been paid to take down so it was no longer available for sale. The sub had found the gif and NEEDED to have the video. I refused to sell him the video or to give away the identity of the slave who performed the stunts. He was able to find his twitter name and contacted him regarding the clip. He proposed to pay me $50 for each humiliating clip the slave made for me. The humiliation slave couldn’t resist an opportunity to exploit himself to earn me money and I sent out his first clip today (rolling in his own shit while oinking like a pig.)

Many fetishes are actually all about humiliation and disguised as something else. Take for example a male flasher. An excerpt from Diane Ackermans book, A Natural History of Love:

“The flasher rarely runs away. Flashing the woman fills only the smallest part of his need. His real goal has many aspects, including the woman’s upset and disapproval; the humiliating arrest; the appearance in court; the embarrassment to his family; the risk of losing his job. These are the critical elements of exposure for the flasher. A flasher is nearly always someone with low self-esteem, a bankrupted version of his sexual worth, and a deep sense of failure as an individual. In his own eyes, he is the unmanliest of men, a limp member of society, a worthless male.”

By the simple act of exposing himself, he is able to create shock and chaos. He is able to stop traffic, make a woman scream, get him arrested, ruin his career. Suddenly he’s very important. Suddenly he’s getting all sorts of attention. Everyone is disgusted, appalled. He’s filled with shame but strangely satisfied. Someone that craves humiliation wants to be seen, they need someone to witness their lowest, most perverted and animalistic acts. It’s not enough for them to do these things in private, they are satisfied only when the acts are done as a theatrical performance.

Another popular humiliation category is forced bi. I’ve seen many people remarking that it’s not “forced” bi, you’re not being “forced” to suck dicks, you’re not actually “forced” to plunge a dildo into your ass. They say clearly you must actually want to do this, you buy the “forced” fetish clips all on your own. Obviously you’re a little bi curious, you must WANT to suck dicks.

Horny males want to be pressured, manipulated, FORCED into things that they shouldn’t want to do, humiliated by obscenity. They want to be bossed around and taken advantage of. An otherwise straight male would be humiliated by a gay act, they crave the humiliation. They aren’t looking for an excuse to suck dicks so they can blame it on someone else.

What turns them on is not the gay act itself. It’s the fact that feel forced into, what may in their mind be, the ultimate humiliation. There is no thrill like being coaxed and manipulated into perversion by an evil woman with terrible intentions.

 Making Moola

Serving is a sacrifice, you work and I play. That’s the deal, right? Right.

If you want to play with the big girls, you better find a way to scrounge up some extra cash or else your poor ass is getting kicked to the curb. If you’re broke as a joke, this is how you should spend your weekend (hopefully you can afford to PAY attention):

 Become a test subject for clinical trials- It’s better to experiment on YOU than on innocent animals, and you’ll get paid for it. Hospitals and researchers rarely advertise clinical trials, so nailing down a pay range is tricky. One trial could earn up to $1,000 per person but it’s important to think things through beforehand (just kidding, no one gives a shit about you). Search online or on craigslist.

Sell your organs- Your kidneys are worth up to $10k a pop! It’s on the black market of course. “It’s estimated that “organ trafficking accounts for roughly five to 10 percent of all the kidney transplants performed in the world.” (The Atlantic.)

Sell your blood plasma- It’s used to treat diseases like hemophilia and autoimmune disorders. Blood banks will pay anywhere from $20-$60 and you can “donate” twice a week. It’s a tiered system, so you’ll receive more the second time than the first time. Luckily you are probably a virgin, therefore won’t be disqualified for STD’s.

Sell your hair- Do you have some long, greasy man locks? Grow that shit out, the trick is to keep it long and pure as possible, no dyes or perms. BONUS: You will have some sissy material to work with while it grows out. Post an ad on and make anywhere from $50- 1k.

Become a billboard- Get a brand tattooed on your body. It worked for some single mother in Utah. She tattooed an online casino’s url to her forehead for $10,000.

Online surveys- Super time consuming, pennies per hour. A good punishment for being broke and lazy. pays in amazon gift cards.

Get paid to drive your car- wrap your vehicle with an advertiser’s message (vinyl decal) and make $300 to $900 a month. or

Get on craigslist- Find some odd jobs. Help an old lady move or suck off some dudes behind walmart.

Niteflirt- Men home alone> gay> Put up some sexy pics and wait for the phone to ring! “I’ll do ANYTHING, mister!”

Recycle- Collect cans and bottles and practice being homeless. It’s best to start now. (Tip- apparently baseball games are a gold mine!)

Sell your prized possessions- Ebay, garage sale, craigslist. Sell your stuff, you don’t need stuff when your Domme wants stuff.

Make a meth lab- I don’t give a fuck.

DO NOT, for any reason, resort to selling your contaminated, bottom-of-the-barrel DNA. NO ONE wants your putrid sperm. No sperm selling, you should all be castrated.


 How To make most of your Service


So many of you want to serve but so little of you know what to do once you’re accepted as a slave. We guide you and train you, but you’re better off knowing what to do from the get-go. Just a few minutes of online research should be enough to tell you how to conduct yourself. For those of you serving, or thinking about it, here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your sub/Domme relationship.

You reap what you sow. If you don’t tell me what you’re into, or politely suggest methods of controlling you, we’re going to do it MY way. I could easily control almost every aspect of your life, but understand that this takes up large amounts of my time. I can do it, but I’ll ignore your pleas for “complete control” unless you’re paying up. If you don’t speak up, I might take it too easy on you, thinking that too much control will scare you away.

I’m not going to go out of my way to tell you all about myself, I won’t start talking up a storm. For all I know you could just be another fly-by only here for a week, wasting my time. Engage me. Asking lots of questions and asking for goals makes me want to spend more time on you because it makes me think that you want to excel and that you want to be long term. It shows that you’re genuinely interested. I’m only investing time into those eager to invest time/money into ME. Speak up!

Stick to ONE Domme, instead of several. Sprinkling tributes amongst several Dommes is just going to give you little slivers of time with several Dommes who are slightly annoyed with you and only engage with you half-heartedly. Consolidating all the money and tributing to just one Domme will give you an owner who is pleased with you, therefore much more likely to spend time training you and actually paying attention to you.

I talk to so many of you, it’s hard to remember who’s who if you’re a new slave. It’s up to you to make yourself stand out. Doing tasks for me and sending me pictures will put a face to your name. Use that picture for your twitter, skype and yahoo avatars and I’ll remember who you are as soon as you pop up. Be creative with your screen names. How many cuckloser69′s and sissyslave99′s do you think I talk to every day? Too many to count, don’t be that guy.

Check in with me regularly. If you don’t talk to me for 2 weeks, I’ll probably forget you. I’m not going to chase you down.


The Pros and Cons of Chastity

The Pros

by Goddess Jessica

Chastity is my FAVORITE way to get a substantial amount of control over a slave. No matter how unreliable of a slave a man is, you can always count on them once they become locked away in a chastity device. I’ve got the key, I’ve got the power. They will go out of their way to please me in the faint hope that I may send them their key a day earlier. I love to screw with them, tease them, make them swell in their cage and ache for release. It’s not all bad though, here are the benefits to being my little chastity slave.

I’ll be so proud: This is a big step for you. You have to really trust me to hand that key over. Yeah, I could fuck you over and never give it back, but why would I do that if you’ve been obedient? You are tied to me, literally. This promotes loyalty and sense of dependence. Locking yourself up means you’re giving up your one true pleasure, sacrificing for me. Bonus points!

You’ll serve me better: Many men report a profound feeling of submission when they find their little pink pals in a cage. Not only have you lost the ability to stroke or orgasm, you can’t even really SEE your penis! It’s much less tempting to jerk off your morning wood when it’s non existent. Instead of worrying about your dick all day, you’ll concentrate on making me happy. You’ll want to please me in order to get that key back. Instead of jerking off to my clips all night, and then releasing and having that feeling of shame wash over you, you’ll simply be an observer of my beauty and power.

It will simplify your relationships with the opposite sex: No longer will you be staring at that cute girl at work, thinking “what if”; if it wasn’t out of the question before, it certainly is now. You don’t need to feel anxiety at the bar, you won’t feel the need to impress anyone. That little guy is locked up, you’re not getting any, end of story. For the entire length of your sentence, you don’t need to worry about std’s, pregnancy or embarrassing sexual performances on your part.

You will become more productive: You’ll be forced to control your sexual urges, stop jerkin’ it all the time, and spend it doing productive things instead. Less time masturbating and fantasizing about sex means more time to work and serve me. Even if you spend just 10 minutes a day on sexual release, by the end of the month that’s 5 hours you could have spent doing something worthwhile. We all know you spend WAY more then 10 minutes a day. What a burden it must be! Half your life wasted, all because of that worthless dick.

Heightened sense of spirituality: Refraining from masturbation is almost a form of fasting. When else in your life will you be able to do this? You would never have the control or strength to do it yourself, you need me. Your mind will be so much clearer without being fogged by sexual thought and urges.

The Cons

by chubby cakes the slave

I know that I am not able to please a woman. I don’t get laid very often and I do miss the touch of a woman’s hand on my man-meat. A woman is able to control me as long as she is in control of my dick. If she is stroking me and asks me to do something for her, then there’s no doubt I would do it. That’s the type of power women can have over me. Since I don’t get laid very often, and I have no prospects in sight, I figure the next best thing was to have my cock controlled by a gorgeous Domme with whom I would never have a chance in the first place. Goddess Jessica told me to mail her the keys to my chastity device on April 20, I had been wearing it for her the week prior and she was gracious enough to give me one last masturbatory session, however, she had me cum into an ice tray and freeze it only to have me eat it for her on cam a few days later. She gave the keys back to me 40 days later during a real time session I had with her.

The pains of wearing it: The device causes my balls to be positioned toward the front of my legs. There is much more of a chance for me to rub my nuts in a painful way just because I’m not used to them being out front like they are. There are times when I am laying on my bed and when I roll over my balls get in a compromising position and I feel intense pain for a short period. The hard plastic that is continuously surrounding my balls pulls on my skin and is somewhat uncomfortable. I need to pull my sack back through to make it a little less uncomfortable. Daily use and movement causes my sack to slip through the ring a bit.

The uncomfortable touching: I need to be extremely careful at work. I work in tight quarters with other people and have rubbed it against someone, accidently, only once. Now I make sure I am far enough away from then when I walk past them or I hold my hand or another object in front of my cage so it doesn’t touch anyone.

The cleaning of it: It gets quite funky down there. In order to clean it properly, I need to take a bath. I also use a q-tip to clean out certain parts of it. I am pretty certain that when Goddess Jessica allows me to take it off, my dick is gonna smell like an Indian baby’s diaper. Well maybe not that bad, but there’s definitely some fumunda cheese growing down there.

The noise of wearing it: When I walk around, there are times when the lock bangs against the cage. The sound is extremely annoying and when I go on my walks, I use scotch tape to keep it from making noise. Usually my underwear does a good job of keeping the noise down on a daily basis, but every once in a while, the noise happens and only I know what it is…

The oddities of pissing:Having to piss is definitely an odd and new experience. I always have to sit when I pee now. Since the cage is so much larger than my dick, my piss goes all around the inside of the cage and so I use the q-tips to help me clean the piss from inside the cage and I also use it to dabble the tip of my dick to get those last little drops that I don’t want on my clothes all day.

New video on chastity:



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  • jeremy lee

    how do I apply for Chastity it sounds fun kind of & how long do i have to have it on for also you are beautiful would love for you to put my in bondage & milk my dick dry

  • adam

    It’s pretty obvious you are amazing and gorgeous etc and you know that so I won’t bother stating the obvious. However I have been reading your articles on your website and they are extremely insightful and very well written. It is rare to see a domme (especially an elite findom) with such insight and who can express it so well.

    ‘On humiliation’ was an especially interesting read as it is something I am very much into but never knew why I liked it. It is just intriguing to read about it from the point of view of a domme and not a domme who just says ‘Give me your money’. You have some sort of power about you that’s hard to pinpoint and you know it and that is what makes you elite. So reading these articles from your perspective are fantastic.

    Anyway you get the idea. You’re great, you’re articles are great and my girlfriend will be getting a home made present since I spent all her birthday money on your clips. #woops

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  • slavebitchtits

    Goddess i love Your articles soooooo much and used to love logging on to Domme Dose back in the day to read Your musing! Thank You so much for posting these articles :)

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  • Fred torbett

    Own me I will work fir u become your personal work slave I’m collage Ed I’n business wrk on line lots of things can alspo give up all I own u keep me I’n a box de humanizer me have cash property cars very good credit if u are for real text me ok

  • Puppet poodle

    You never contacted me please do all those things to make you money i will do for you 9513129151

  • Mistress Nirvana

    Hello Goddess! From one Goddess to another, I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate your web site. You obviously know your stuff. I’m into the BDSM scene in south Florida as a switch, but I have been experimenting with my Domme side and now have my first real life slave, a 21 year old Jewish VIRGIN. Your website and articles have been an inspiration, and if you’re ever available to send me an email containing some educational Domme books, websites, articles, etc I would really appreciate it! You rock! Keep up the good work beautiful! XoXoXo

  • Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho

    Divine Goddess Jessica:

    Thank YOU for sharing all this articles and thoughts. Specially the articles about how to be a good slave and the guide for amazon and also about how to make most of YOUR service.
    I am a portuguese submissive and i have discovered on YOUR twiter and on YOUR tube channel that YOU are the real , only one and unique Supreme and Magnificient Goddess. So, now i must do everything to start pleasing YOu. I just can show my gratitude to YOU on my knees.
    I kneel and bow down before YOu Divine Goddess Jessica
    Paulo Camacho

  • James Miller

    Hey Goddess, I would like to buy a pair of your used, worn socks. I seen in one of your videos you sold them but didn’t see it on your website. Please let me know how I can go about ordering a pair from you. Thank you so much, james

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